With every new patch, Garena buffs and nerfs characters in Free Fire in order to make the game more balanced. They have been pretty successful for the most part, with players using more character skills instead of just the usual Chrono shield on everyone. However, there are a number of characters that are still overlooked and need changes.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 Free Fire characters who need a buff in OB36.

1. Chrono

Chrono is probably the most nerfed character in Free Fire to date. He went from the literally best character in the game to irrelevancy in just a couple of patches. Now his ability is just a worse version of Gloo Wall that lasts for 6 seconds and has a 110s cooldown. It is best to just use Gloo Wall grenades instead.


Time Turner could definitely use a buff in OB36. While bringing back the ability to shoot through the shield is probably not a good idea, Garena can definitely reduce the skill's cooldown, as 110 is just too much.

2. Shani

Shani's Gear Recycle restores your armor durability after each kill. Overall, getting kills is the hardest requirement for skills in Free Fire, and gaining some armor durability is just not worth it. In comparison, Luqueta and Wolfrahh's abilities give much more benefit.

Shani Garena Free Fire 4k Ew
Shani Free Fire

Overall, Shani is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire that hasn't received much change yet. She could definitely use an overhaul for her kit, boosting numbers, or even a complete remake.

3. Ford

Ford is also one of the earliest characters in the game. His skill is fairly unique - it reduces the damage taken outside of the safe zone by 24%. Overall, the skill doesn't have many uses except in the very last phases of the game, where the save zone shrinks to nothing.


Overbuff the number to something like 50% would be a bad idea, as players will find a lot of new ways to abuse the safe zone, which can be problematic. Garena should just rework the character and give him a new skill.

4. Alvaro

Alvaro, Free Fire's demolitionist, has been getting buffed for a few patches. However, the number is still not big enough to matter in the long run. Even the skill of the Beaston pet is more useful than him, as grenades need range and AoE, not damage.

Alvaro Free Fire 1024x576

Garena could definitely boost the AoE aspect of Alvaro's skill, giving players' grenades extra area of effect damage. This way, the chance that Alvaro users hit grenades would be higher.

5. Kapella

Kapella's skill suffers from its lack of specialization. It gives players a little bit of everything: healing skill/item bonus and downed HP loss bonus. However, its weakness is that the numbers are much too small to actually matter. Most players would pick some other skills with more impact.


Garena could definitely boost one aspect of the skill, such as the healing bonus, to a useful level like 50%. This way more players would pick Kapella.

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