Free Fire has one of the most robust weapon systems in the battle royale genre. Players have the option to choose from a variety of weapons - from SMGs to ARs to DMRs... and more.

Garena rarely ever releases the details about the effectiveness of the guns - until now. This is probably what they use to push out buffs and nerfs to the weapons.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best weapons in Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode, based on official stats. Players should take note that Free Fire is a skill-based game and picking the right gun does not guarantee a win.

Picking the right weapon is important in getting a victory.

Gun Rankings in Free Fire Clash Squad mode

Below is the ranking of the 10 best guns in Clash Squad mode, based on the kill rate (which is the average number of kills the players get with the gun).

  1. UMP: 0.82 kill rate
  2. GROZA: 0.80 kill rate
  3. Thompson: 0.80 kill rate
  4. FAMAS–II: 0.76 kill rate
  5. Bizon: 0.74 kill rate
  6. PARAFAL: 0.73 kill rate
  7. MAC10: 0.71 kill rate
  8. MP5: 0.70 kill rate
  9. AC80: 0.70 kill rate
  10. M14–II: 0.70 kill rate

General Analysis

There is a whopping 5 SMGs on the list, which is not a surprise at all, as most gunfights in Clash Squad occur at close range. UMP, Thompson, Bizon, MAC10, and MP5 all have high fire rare which results in amazing damage potential.

Smg Vs Shotguns
Looks like the SMGs are much better than shotguns in Clash Squad because they are easier to use.

The AC80, a marksman rifle, is the only sniper weapon on the list. The reason the AC80 is more useful than most snipers in CS is probably because of its special ability. When players hit targets with 2 consecutive shots, the weapon deals additional damage, which can finish off a foe in just two hits.

The other 4 weapons on the list are ARs. Groza and PARAFAL are there for their high damage while FAMAS-II and M14-II are there for their high accuracy.


It is rather strange that all shotguns have poor kill rates and are not in the top 10, despite Clash Squad being a close range mode. The reason behind this might either be the price of shotguns or the relatively high difficulty of using them - players need to headshot accurately to get kills.

Why is UMP the strongest gun?

The UMP is the most powerful weapon in Clash Squa because it is the only SMG with armor penetration. This allows the gun to deal more effective damage in the later stages, where players have enough money to purchase armor.

Free Fire Ump Booyah Day 3 1068x601 1
The UMP has become the best SMG ever since it gained armor penetration.

The runner up, Groza, also has this ability.

Gun Rankings in Free Fire Battle Royale mode

Below is the ranking of the 10 best guns in Battle Royale mode, based on the kill rate (which is the average number of kills the players get with the gun).

  1. M4A1–Z: 0.99 kill rate
  2. M14–III: 0.93 kill rate
  3. Kar98k–III: 0.87 kill rate
  4. GROZA: 0.81 kill rate
  5. SVD: 0.80 kill rate
  6. VSS–III: 0.79 kill rate
  7. GROZA–X: 0.71 kill rate
  8. SVD–Y: 0.70 kill rate
  9. AC80: 0.69 kill rate
  10. M249–X: 0.58 kill rate

General Analysis

BR is pretty much the opposite of Clash Squad - many fights in the mode take place over medium to long range. Because of that, SMGs and shotguns are not that useful. The top of the list is claimed by the ARs: M4A1-Z, M14-III, GROZA, and GROZA-X. These weapons are deadly accurate, have a decent to high fire rate, and deal a lot of damage.

Svd Swordsman Legends Free Fire
DMRs are much more effective than Snipers - most players prefer using them.

DMRs are much more popular than SR. Players can find AC80, SVD, and SVD-Y DMRs on the list while only the Kar98k–III Sniper managed to get in. The advantage of DMRs over SR is that they can fire much faster, which gives the user a bigger error margin. If you are going to engage in long range fights, getting one of these 4 guns is a must

The only SMG that managed to get into this list is the VSS, which is essentially a silenced DMR with a high fire rate.

The M249-X's inclusion on the list is a big surprise - LMGs are not that popular overall. X is a variant with +12% fire rare and 5% damage. Combined with the LMGs' special mode, the weapon can deal a lot of damage in the right hands.

Why is the M4A1-Z the strongest gun?

The M4A1 has always been one of the most popular weapons in Free Fire, due to its balanced performance, high range and high accuracy.

The M4A1 is the weapon of choice in pretty much all shooter games and not just Free Fire.

The Z variant of the gun boosts its fire rate by 3% and its damage by a whopping 27%, effectively fixing the biggest weakness of the weapon.

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