Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royales on mobile, with its biggest strength being the large arsenal of guns. Amongst them, the shotgun M1887 has the highest damage per shot, much higher than any other weapon in the game. Players can improve the M1887's power with skins, which increases stats.

In this article, is going to list out the top 5 best M1887 skins to use in Free Fire 2022.

1. Incendium Burst M1887

  • Damage +
  • Fire Rate ++
  • Movement Speed -

The M1887 Incendium Burst is one of the best-looking skins for this gun so far, with a design based on bursting lava. The whole gun looks like a piece of lava, with veins of fire covering its body.

It also has very useful bonuses to increase the DPS of the M1887 - double boost on fire rate and single boost on damage. Players should be able to one-shot or two-shot their foes pretty easily. As the M1887 is already pretty fast, players don't have to worry about the lower movement speed demerit.

Maxresdefault 1
The special effects of this skin are super flashy.

2. Rapper Underworld M1887

  • Fire Rate ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Accuracy -

The Rapper Underworld M1887 skin greatly increases the Rate of Fire of the weapon as well as its reload speed. But the weapon will have a little reduction in Accuracy. As mentioned above, the increased rate of fire is decently useful on this gun. The Reload Speed increase is quite nice and the Accuracy reduction doesn't matter much in close range.

Appearance-wise, the Rapper Underworld M1887 looks fairly good with a clown face on its body and a purple flame effect.

The Rapper Underworld M1887 skin
The Rapper Underworld M1887 is one of the older skin.

3. Hand of Hope M1887

  • Reload Speed ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Movement Speed –

The Hand of Hope M1887 is a very unique-looking skin. It has a skeleton design and smokey green patches. The best part about the skin is its body - there is a hand-like decoration on the back of the weapon.

Hand of Hope photo
The hand of hope would be perfect to go with some kind of clown or skull-themed set.

It has a double bonus on reload. This is pretty much the best thing you can get on a skin for the M1887, as the gun has only 2 ammo per magazine. The additional accuracy lets you deal more reliable damage on body shots, but makes it harder to do headshots. The slight movement speed demerit is a minor problem as well.

4. Golden Glare M1887

  • Fire Rate ++
  • Range +
  • Reload -

The Golden Gare M1887 is super gaudy - it is a blocky golden skin with a lot of sharp edges. The best part about this skin is probably its special effects of golden and purple flashes. It is perfect if players have sets utilizing the gold color theme. Bonus wise, the skin is fairly decent with a double boost on Fire Rate. The extra range is more than welcome, as the M1887's range is not that long.

E7a61 16343766893279 1920
The Golden Glare looks fairly futuristic.

5. One Punch Man M1887

  • Reload Speed ++
  • Damage +
  • Accuracy –

This skin was released as part of a limited collaboration with the One-Punch Man anime. As collabs in Free Fire almost never return, it is one of the rarest skins in the game. One-Punch Man is a story about a hero named Saitama. His power is so great he destroys all his enemies with just one punch.

M1887 One-Punch Man photo
The One-Punch Man has a very unique special effect.

This is rather fitting for the M1887, with the highest single-shot damage in the game. With this skill, you can go around destroying people with just one shot, just like Saitama. The gun gives a double boost in reload speed, letting you recover faster after shots. The damage boost is rather welcome... and the accuracy demerit is not that bad, as a higher spread lets you headshot easier.

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