Garena Free Fire has just released the new Bomb Squad Ranked mode, with the release of the OB34 patch. It is one of the most elaborate custom modes so far, with an optimized system and a brand new map called El Pastelo. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for the new Free Fire Bomb Squad mode 2022.

1. What is Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode 2022?

This is the classic Defusal mode from Counter-Strike, with two teams spawning randomly on the map. The team with the bomb would be the "attacker", whose job is to blow up the target location with a bomb. The other team would be the "defender", whose job is to prevent the attackers from doing so by defusing the bomb.

Each match consists of 5 rounds - the team who wins more rounds would be the winner of the match. Besides planting the bomb, one team can just eliminate all members of the other team in order to win.

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Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode 2022

However, the difference here is that the 2022 version of Bomb Squad is 5 vs 5 instead of the usual 4 vs 4. This opens up more options for combat and makes the mode nearly identical to Counter-Strike's version.

2. Attacker strategy

Claiming the bombsite

Since the main objective of the attacker team is to use the bomb to destroy a bomb site, the defender team will usually hide near or inside the bombsite itself. Don't enter the site without backup, as there would definitely be an ambush.

Grenades can be useful in flushing out hiding enemies. If the enemy team is focusing on one bomb site, it might be a good idea to switch to the other one. Having a few teammates launch a diversionary attack on the site guarded by the enemy might make it easier for the bomb carrier to plant the bomb.

There are a lot of hiding spots.

Plant the bomb

There are several ways to plant the bomb. Putting it in an open-spaced area will expose you to enemy gunfire but it can also make defusing it much harder, especially if your team can guard it with a sniper rifle. If you're under attack and need to plant it quickly, hiding behind cover can allow you to complete the task but allow enemies to hide behind the same cover to defuse.

Guard the bomb

Check for enemies in hiding spots before planting the bomb. Afterward, hide and watch out for enemies' grenades, as they will definitely storm the bombsite. Wait for enemies to try to defuse the bomb and then stab them in the back is also a good idea. Always aim for the defuser first regardless of any distraction.

Always have backup when attacking.

Keep alert for enemy footsteps as they may also check hiding spots. Once the bomb is about to detonate, try to leave the bombsite as quickly as you can. Use some Gloo grenades to create barriers and defend the bomb site.

3. Defender strategy

Defending the bomb site

The main objective of the defender is to prevent the attackers from planting their bomb at the bomb site or defuse the bomb if it has been planted. Therefore, hiding behind objects at the bombsite is the best option, since the attackers need to come there to complete their objective. There are two bomb sites, however, so splitting up might be a good idea.

Defending the bomb site

If you notice several of your teammates at the one site have been killed, quickly rush there with your entire team as they may be there to plant the bomb. Try to throw a grenade before going in to flush out enemies that might be hiding. If an attacker drops the bomb, have your team watch it as the enemy team will do their best to recover it.

Gloo Grenades can be a good option to hold enemies off and wait for your team to arrive.

Defusing the bomb

Possessing a defusion pliers will decrease the defuse time. Ideally, at least two players should purchase the defuse kit, one for each bomb site.

Defusion Pliers

Always provide cover and guard a teammate who is defusing the bomb, even if it risks your own life! The teammate cannot attack or move around to dodge enemy fire, and if killed or interrupted, the bomb defuse will be reset. If your team is dead or cannot arrive in time, make sure the site is clear before trying to defuse it. Any hiding attacker can easily eliminate you in a surprise attack.

4. Best character skills in Free Fire Bomb Squad

Deploy the shield to protect your teammates


Steffie's ability used to have a negligible effect, but after OB33, it becomes a solid skill. The throwable blocking feature prevents enemies' grenades to hit your location while your team's armor durability is getting restored to full. Furthermore, the 20% damage reduction is super substantial - which gives players a huge edge in a fight.

The ability to block throwables makes this skill useful in Bomb Squad, as you can use it to defend the bomb site easily.


Creates a force field that blocks 800 damages. Unable to attack outside enemies from within the field. All effects last for 6s. CD 110s. Overall, Chrono's ability pretty much has the same function as Steffie's - it allows players to defend the bomb site more effectively. The user could use this ability to shield their teammates while they are planting or defusing the bomb.


Homer is the new character of OB34 and the most broken character in Free Fire to date. His skill summons a drone that zips toward enemies in the 100-meter frontal range and creates a 5-meter pulse explosion. The explosion slows the movement speed of all enemies in the radius by 60% and their firing speed by 35%. On top of that, it also deals 25 damage. The slow effect last for 5 seconds and the ability has a 90 seconds cooldown at max level.

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