Clash Squad is a special mode in Free Fire, in which two teams are pitched against each other in a short battle inside a small area on the map. Because of this limitation, powerful skills in the normal battle royale mode are not nearly as strong in Clash Squad.

In this article, is going to showcase the top 5 best abilities to pick in Free Fire Clash Squad OB33.

1. Iris

Iris is the newest character in Free Fire, with a new ability called Wall Brawl that counters players who hide behind gloo walls. She is going to be a top pick in matches, as gloo walls are really popular in Free Fire. She is going to be available some time later this patch - players cannot get her right now.

Iris' ability can deal damage to hidden foes.

Within 10s after releasing the skill, the skill user can attack a Gloo Wall to mark enemies within 7m of it, and penetrate the Gloo Wall to cause damage to said enemies (damage inflicted will be lower than usual). Effective on maximum 5 Gloo Walls. CD 55s

2. Clu

In normal BR mode, the map is so big that you probably won't be able to detect your foes even with Clu's ability. In Clash Squad, on the other hand, the play area is restricted to a much smaller zone. Because of that, one cast of Clu's skill is enough to detect the location of all enemies on the map - and we all know the advantage of map-hacking.

Clu Free Fire

Clu's recent buff makes the skill even better in Clash Squad. Its radius gets increased by a whopping 50%, to 75 meters.

3. Homer

Releases a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100m frontal distance, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces movement speed by 60% and firing speed by 35%. Lasts for 5s. Creates 25 damage. CD: 90s.

Homer is the new character of OB34 and the most broken character in Free Fire to date. Overall, this skill is perfect for rusher builds and is very effective when enemies are sticking together at close range.

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His ability has a fairly long cooldown, however.

4. Leon

Leon's ability is a super versatile passive that regenerates HP without any limit whatsoever. The critical part about this skill is probably its levels - the heal amount increases greatly from level 1 to level 6. While 30HP is a very small amount, it stacks up over time in longer fights. The activation time seems to be 3 seconds. You only need to duck away from combat for a moment for Buzzer Beater to trigger.

Free Fire Leon
Leon's skill is very easy to use.

This works fairly well in Clash Squad mode where engagements are short and there are a lot of covers to get behind.

5. Wolfrahh

With every additional kill: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 10%, up to 30%. Damage to the enemy's limbs increases by 10%, up to 30%.

While Wolfrahh's skill requires some kills to trigger its effect, the bonuses are fairly high and are useful in all stages of the game. This can be pretty useful in Clash Squad, as a recent patch has buffed the skill greatly. Players only need 3 kills to get the full effect.

Wolfrahh's ability is much more useful now in OB35.

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