The skill system is one of the most important game mechanics in Free Fire, with players forming a combo with 1 active and 3 passives. Picking a good skill combo would give players an edge in combat, especially in Free Fire's highly competitive BR mode.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 4 best skill combinations for BR mode in Free Fire OB35.

1. Alok + Jai + Hayato + D-Bee

This is a rush/melee combo, with players engaging in close-quarter duels. D-Bee's ability would allow you to use weapons with low accuracy like the MP40 much more effectively, while Jai and Shirou's ability give you an edge against multiple enemies. Alok's active gives some extra speed and utilities.

Hayato is a highly balanced character that can fit most teams.

Though Hayato is an ideal character to combo with D-Bee, you can switch Hayato to Joseph or Shirou if you want. Joseph gives more mobility while Hayato gives more damage.

2. Homer + Shirou + Jota + Hayato

Homer's ability can completely cripple an enemy for five seconds, preventing them from either running away or fighting back. Jota's ability gives players a bit of sustain in the firefight while Hayato gives some armor penetration. Combined with the effect of the drone, players should be able to win the fight easily.

Maxresdefault 2
Free Fire new character Homer

Shirou's ability tracks players who shot you and gives you bonus armor penetration for your first hit against them. While the tracking part is rather useless up close, the bonus AP is not. You can deal incredible damage with a shotgun or DMR while using them in tandem with this ability.

When you get sniped, it is pretty easy to just follow the tracking to release your drone.

3. K + Miguel + Jota + Leon

This combo heavily focuses on healing, both during and after combat. K and Miguel revolve around EP. Their skills provide players with free EP that can be burned for HP regeneration both in and out of combat. After a recent buff in a previous patch, K's ability is much more powerful now.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel can give players limitless EP as long as they continue to eliminate enemies.

Jota and Leon's skills heal players both in and out of combat, allowing them to continue fighting without having to use medkit. After eliminating a target, players can just dodge out for a bit to get to full HP.

4. Alok + Rafael + Dasha + Maro

This is the perfect combo for long range fights using sniper rifles. Rafael's ability gives you a free Silencer and the fast bleeding effect in team matches. This solves the weakest part of snipers, as sometimes you are unable to finish a downed foe.

Dj Alok
Alok's ability serves as a healing skill in this combo.

Maro is one of the few abilities in Free Fire that outright boost damage - the value is based on the distance to the target. In a sniper build, Maro's ability gives the highest value. Dasha's ability lets you escape from your vantage point at any time without taking damage - her passive of reducing fall damage is just crazy.

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