Free Fire OB35 patch has just come out, bringing a number of changes to various weapons. With Free Fire being a very competitive shooter, picking the better gun would definitely give you an edge in combat.

In this article, is going to showcase the 6 best guns to use in Free Fire OB35.

1. Bizon

Bizon is Free Fire's newest SMG in this patch. It is a powerful weapon that specializes in close combat. Bizon has an extremely high rate of fire that can cause high damage, but with destructive damage also comes low accuracy. Players need to be careful in order to not waste their shots.

En 5

The best part about this gun is its ability to equip pretty much all attachments in the game. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players would have no problem dispatching enemies in close and even middle-range fights.

2. G36

G36 is the newest AR in Free Fire. Similar to the FAMAS, it supports 2 firing modes. Assault mode gives better damage at the cost of a lower range, which allows players to fight better in early and late game. Range mode is the opposite - it increases range and at the cost of damage. With this mode active, players should be able to snipe much more accurately.


The only weakness of the G36 is its average statline, with nothing flashy. The OB35 patch fixes this by increasing the fire rate of Assault mode by 8% and the accuracy of Range mode by 12%.

3. M24

The M24 has become a very popular gun ever since its addition. It is the lightest sniper rifle with a very high movement stat, which allows players to run around freely unlike other snipers. However, prior to OB35, the gun is considered to be underwhelming by pros, due to its lower range and damage.


Garena has decided to fix this problem by increasing the weapon's damage by 8% in OB35. Players should be able to reliably 2-3 shots enemies with the gun now.


The FAMAS is one of the hardest weapons to use in Free Fire, being the only Assault Rifle that cannot automatically fire. Players can only release bursts of 3 bullets at a time.


This is why Garena has been trying to buff this weapon for quite a while now, as it is just high risk with low reward. In OB35, the gun gains an extra 5% armor penetration, which makes it more viable in the late game.


The SCAR has always been a "middle of the pack" weapon amongst AR, with an average statline. However, looks like Garena is trying to change it by adding a bit of bullet damage. Overall, there should be more reason to keep the SCAR to the late game now, as its damage is now bigger than average.

Scar Ultimate Titan

6. M1887

The M1887 is the most powerful shotgun in the game currently, with the ability to one-shot kill players pretty easily. In OB35, Garena has decided to rebalance the weapon a little bit by reducing its damage but increasing its fire rate and range.

M1887 Golden Flare 1

Overall, the changes are more of a buff than a nerf, as the M1887's damage is still high enough to one shot kill other players.

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