Free Fire's squad mode is the most competitive mode in the game, with 4 players working together against other squads. If you want to go pro and join tournaments, creating a team and practicing in this mode is a must... and in a competitive mode like this, you would need all the advantages possible.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best characters to use in Squad mode OB35.

1. J.Biebs

  • Skill user and allies can block damage using EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user EP.

Damage reduction is always useful, especially when it applies to all sources. J.Biebs' passive allow players and teammates around him to tank part of the damage with their EP, making them much more durable in a fight.

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While the user and his teammates must have some EP for that, it is definitely worth the exchange. This skill is not that useful outside of a team format, however, as the EP gain passive would be useless.

2. Alok

  • Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed and restores HP. The effect cannot be stacked.

While Alok's ability has been nerfed quite a bit in the early levels, it is still manageable. The skill is one of the most versatile in Free Fire, giving players extra speed and HP regeneration. It is effective in both solo and squad mode.

Alok Free Fire

While the speed and healing bonus do not give you as much advantage offensively as Skyler, the bonus healing allows you to save medkits until they are actually needed.

3. Wolfrahh

  • With every additional kill: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 10%, up to 30%. Damage to enemies' limbs increases by 10%, up to 30%.

Wolfrahh is probably the biggest winner in Free Fire OB34. His skill gets buffed greatly and is much more consistent now. Players only need to get 3 kills for the full 30% bonus instead of a whopping 5/6 kills. Both the headshot reduction damage and limb bonus damage are useful, with the latter having the potential to protect players from any kind of instant headshots.


In late game combats, having extra headshot damage reduction is really useful, especially when it stacks with the helmet's bonus. This is why players should pick Wolfrahh's ability to combo with Skyler.

4. Homer

  • Releases a drone to the nearest frontal enemy, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces enemy movement speed and firing speed and inflicts damage on them.

Homer is a great character in both Clash Squad and BR, however, he probably shines more in Clash Squad. With it being a fast-paced team mode and enemies often clustered together, players should be able to hit multiple with one drone blast. The 90 seconds cooldown is a bit high but still manageable.


In BR modes, players need to use Homer's drone more sparingly and at close range, as they need to reach the enemy to take advantage of the slow.

5. Jota

  • When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user.

When it comes to aim duels in close range, Jota is a great "clutch" character who allows you to gain HP in the middle of combat. When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user, and knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP.


This skill used to be near useless, being applicable to only shotguns. However, Garena decided to buff it to a useful level after players complained.

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