The upcoming Free Fire OB35 update is going to be one of the biggest patches this year, with the fifth-anniversary celebration of the game alongside the Justin Bieber collaboration. The recent OB35 Advance server has revealed a huge number of new features and changes.

In this article, is going to showcase the event calendar of the upcoming Free Fire OB35 Battle In Style event. It has been live in the game since July 11 and will continue until the arrival of the OB35 patch on July 20.

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OB35 Event Calendar

Player Report Web event

This event is pretty straightforward - players only need to check their in-game stats and share them on any social platform to get a free Diamond Royale Voucher. They can safely delete the post after receiving it.

Event Duration: 11th July to 20th July.

Daily Mission and Token Exchange event

In this event, players need to complete daily missions and earn tokens. These tokens in turn can be redeemed in the shop to unlock grand prizes like Digital Disco Hair, Craftland Room Card, and more.

Event Duration: 11th to 19th July.

Level Up CS ranks

Players have 5 days to level up their Clash Squad rank to unlock various rewards, including Digital Core.

Event Duration: 15th to 19th July.

New Updates Login rewards

During July 28, the peak day of the event, players only need to log into the game to get the following rewards: Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, Universal Fragments, Pet Food.

OB35 Update Highlights

Besides these events, the OB35 patch is going to have a lot more free goodies, such as car skins, emotes, pet skins, and more. Below is the new Bizon SMG, which has the potential to be a hot pick in matches.

The biggest focus of this update, however, is still the Justin Bieber collaboration.

Free Fire new character J Biebs

Similar to the previous collaborations, Justin Bieber is also going to make his debut in Free Fire as a brand new character named J Biebs. It is unsure if the name of the character is going to be like this in all servers, as Garena has the tendency to change it on release.

"J Biebs is a man who wants to unite a fractured world. Through his childhood experiences, he learned that the answer to people's problems is not money or power but the actual connection between people. He has decided to use his singing skills to dedicate his life to reunite the world."

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The character looks rather plain in comparison with other Free Fire collabs.


Justin Bieber's skill is a passive called Silent Sentinel. It allows all characters in an area of 12 meters around the player to block up to 15% of upcoming damage with their EP. The deducted EP from allies will be added to the user's EP pool.

Level Ability
1 Allies within 6 meters can block 7% damage taken using their EP.
2 Allies within 8 meters can block 7% damage taken using their EP.
3 Allies within 8 meters can block 10% damage taken using their EP.
4 Allies within 10 meters can block 10% damage taken using their EP.
5 Allies within 10 meters can block 15% damage taken using their EP.
6 Allies within 12 meters can block 15% damage taken using their EP.

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