Free Fire OB35 is finally here, bringing a huge number of changes all across the board. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the complete OB35 patch note and analyze it to see which changes are the biggest.

Upgraded UI

En 6

Overall look:

  • Incorporated trendy and energetic designs while preserving the classic Free Fire elements.
  • New logo and symbolic icons.

Daily/Weekly missions:

  • Enhanced the page layout, which now displays the Daily Chest (a newly added reward!) and the grand prize of Free Pass, making navigating the interface easier.
  • Displays mission progress and status on the match results page.
  • Displays the progress of daily missions and EP badges.

Mode selection page:

  • Upgraded the interface layout for a more orderly display.
  • For each of Battle Royale and Clash Squad casual modes, compiled the maps into a single entrance to enable multiple selections for matchmaking.

Character Skill Rework

Free Fire Miguel


  • Gain 30/40/50/60/70/80 EP for each elimination → knockdown.

Previously, it is rather hard to trigger Miguel's skill as you have to eliminate enemies. This rework gives you the bonus after knockdowns, which is much more useful.


  • Vest Durability loss decreases by 2/4/6/8/10/12% → 10/12/14/16/18/20%.

Andrew's skill is a bit underpowered when not playing in a squad. Because of that, Garena buffed it.


  • With every 10% decrease in maximum HP, armor penetration increases by 7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/10% → 4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7%.

Hayato has been the go-to character for damage in many patches. It is about time that he gets nerfed.


  • Receive 10/15/20/25/30/35 → 15/20/25/30/35/40 extra HP when the round starts.

Antonio's ability was only useful at the initial stage of a match, so Garena increased the maximum HP that his skill adds.


  • Reload speed increases by 14/16/18/20/22/24%. The final 6 → 10 bullets of a user's SMG will cause 10/12/14/16/18/20% → 15/18/21/24/27/30% more damage.

As the damage of SMG bullets is rather low, Nikita's skill is still underpowered. Because of that, Garena has buffed her skill by 10%.


  • Moving and sprinting speed increase by 10/12/14/16/18/20% → 5/7/9/11/13/15% upon taking damage.

Players have been using Joseph's passive more now, with erratic fast movements to dodge bullets. Because of that, Garena has decided to nerf the speed a bit.

Clash Squad

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Map Balancing Adjustments

The Maze and Council Hall: Slightly moved the spawn points horizontally so that both sides are equidistant from the high ground.

Skills Details on the Scoreboard

The scoreboard in Clash Squad now displays information about teammates’ active skills and cooldown time and opponents’ active skills.

Random Buffs

Every Clash Squad mode (custom rooms) has a chance to trigger a random buff, ranging from Constant HP Gain, Constant HP Loss, and Max. HP Booster.

  • MAX. HP Booster: Player’s maximum HP will increase to 325.
  • Constant HP Gain: When not under enemy’s attack, the player will restore 15 HP per second.
  • Constant HP Loss: Player will lose 2 HP per second.

Other Clash Squad Updates

New item: Super Med, which takes 4 seconds to consume and restores 200 HP within 4 seconds. Available in the Airdrop.

Battle Royale

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Enhanced War Chests

War Chests will level up in time. Maximum Level 3.

The first loot of an Lv. 1 War Chest is free, and every subsequent refresh will cost 100 FF Coins and every loot will cost 300 FF Coins.

High-level War Chests have better chances of opening up rare items, including Super Meds, Horizaline, UAV, Upgrade Chip, all kinds of Airdrop weapons, etc.

Safe Zone Adjustment

Optimized the zone-shrink logic in Battle Royale mode so that the final Safe Zone is generated with more randomness. This means the final zone can generate at the edge instead of always near the middle.

Other Battle Royale Mode Adjustments

  • New item: Super Med, which takes 4 seconds to consume and restores 200 HP within 4 seconds.
  • More Airdrop Vending Machine drop locations.
  • New weapon: Bizon.
  • Reduced the time it takes for zone damage to increase after continuously being outside the Safe Zone
  • Free items in the Vending Machine will be labeled as “Free”.
  • Killstreak announcements.

Weapon and Balance

En 5

New Weapon: Bizon

Bizon is an SMG that fares excellently in close combat. It has an extremely high rate of fire that can cause high damage, but with destructive damage also comes low accuracy.

  • Base Damage: 29
  • Rate of Fire: 0.098
  • Magazine: 30

Weapon Adjustments

  • Famas-III: Armor penetration +5%
  • UMP: Armor penetration -10%
  • Scar: Damage +6%
  • M14-III: Rate of fire -6%
  • G36: Assault Mode rate of fire +8%, Range Mode accuracy +12%
  • M1887: Rate of fire +5%, effective range +5%, damage -5%
  • M24: Damage +8%

Grappling Hook Gun:

  • Supports gun-switching while in motion.
  • Reduced the landing recovery time.
  • Supports hold to aim.


En 2

Gloo Wall Smart Throw

Players can now turn on Smart Throw from the settings menu. Once on, players can single tap the Gloo Wall button to quickly place a Gloo Wall in front of them. Another way to place Gloo Walls using Smart Throw is to press and hold the Gloo Wall button, aim at the desired location, and release to confirm placement.

In-game Command Wheels

Players can activate command wheels by holding the “use” button. The following functions are supported by command wheels: Quick message, Throwables, Med Kits

En 1

Other Optimizations

Favorite Character

Players can add their favorite characters to show them on top of the Character page and Equip Skills page.

Replay Feature Optimization

Players can now generate match highlights and switch between first and third-person perspectives in a replay.

Interactive Character Voices

Activate unique voiceovers of certain characters under certain situations.

Characters with special in-match voiceovers this patch: Kelly, Moco, Hayato, Maxim

Voiceover trigger conditions:

  • Booyah in a match
  • When score is leading / falling behind in Clash Squad Mode
  • Entering the Battle Royale spawn island
  • Ejecting from the airplane
  • While purchasing equipment in Clash Squad mode

Other Adjustments

  • When all players in a team force quit except one remaining player, the last player will not face Honor Score deductions from quitting.
  • Players can now mute / unmute teammates in the lobby or room.
  • When a friend’s booking is received and accepted while in-match, the receiver can now send a join request and a whisper to the friend (if the friend is in a group).
  • Players can now copy and paste teamcodes.
  • Optimized post-match friend recommendations.
  • Differentiated reward icons now added next to corresponding resources in the Download Center.
  • If a player is detected to be using a cheat during a match, they will be automatically removed from the match and the remaining players will receive a system notification.
  • Enhanced visual indications of obtaining Gold. The Gold amount will have a special effect to notify about the amount increase.
  • Optimized the user experience of Upgrade Chips.
  • Optimized the sound effects of the Charge Buster.
  • Optimized the visual effects on the skill icons when passive skills are activated.
  • Optimized the visual effects on the skill icons when silenced by A124.
  • Teammates whose locations are out of the scope of the minimap will be pinned to indicate the direction of their locations.
  • The list of loot on the ground will be displayed according to the priority in the auto pickup settings.
  • In Clash Squad mode, teammates who Ace can be given thumbs up multiple times in a row, with a maximum of 10 times.
  • Optimized the visual effects of hitting an enemy using a Flashbang.
  • Optimized the minimap display of using the UAV in Clash Squad.
  • Force quit from the settings menu is no longer supported in CS-Ranked.
  • Extended the reconnection time frame for CS-Ranked. Players will be reconnected in their next login if they are accidentally disconnected due to internet issues or application crash.
  • Added the FF Knife as a weapon in Lone Wolf mode.


PVE Gameplay Design Template

Creative - Rush: Before the countdown ends and while fighting zombies, at least 1 player must pass each checkpoint and arrive at the finishing line.Creative - Endurance: While fighting zombies, at least 1 player must survive until the countdown ends.

Recommendation Feature

New recommendation feature on Craftland’s main page, where official map recommendations can be found.

Map Comments Feature

Comment tags can be added at the end of a match and on the map details page.

Comment tags are categorized by “Pros” and “Cons”.

Map Editor Optimizations

- Cleaned up and restructured the HUD.
- Objects and stacks of objects can now be copied.
- Adjusted the object selection panel and added more categories.
- Movable items, such as vehicles, can now be configured to be placed back to their original places after every round.
- Shrinkable objects now support color change.
- New objects added.

FF Craftmate Optimizations

- Added new blocks for more functional uses.
- Added a selection feature for visual resources for better visualization.
- Certain objects now support scripting editing.
- Enhanced the interface editing feature, adding a Button control function.

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