While a number of new features have been revealed during the OB35 Advance server, Garena has kept quite a few to be released during the actual update. Some of these features are really exciting and can change the game completely. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 6 most anticipated new features in Free Fire OB35 update.

The patch is coming out very soon - Garena is going to release it on July 20.

1. New Map in Free Fire OB35

The biggest reveal in the Kelly Show is the brand new high-tech battlefield map, with a futuristic look and a lot of new gameplay mechanics. The two new features are the Anti-Gravity Zones, where players can jump higher and shoot opponents while in mid-air. This zone also eliminates fall damage taken.

Anti Gravity Zones
The new Anti-Gravity zones would be pretty hard to get used to.

Magic Portals are placed at strategic locations on the map. Players can go through them for quick two-way travels between the designated areas. This would open up a lot of new strategies, including ambushing and flanking.

Portal Free Fire
Magic Portal in Free Fire

2. Replay Highlights

Replay is one of the best features in Free Fire MAX, allowing players to record matches as they play. This allows them to create videos much more easily, without the need for third-party software. In OB35, the devs have added another element to the feature, allowing players to watch highlights. This is very helpful, as going through replays can take a lot of time.

Replay Highlights
Players should be able to check out their highlights much more easily.

The highlights will focus on the players' best and most exciting moments during the match. This way, they should be able to analyze matches much more easily to improve. On top of this, the automatic cut also make editing and posting Free Fire highlights much easier.

3. New Bizon SMG

Bizon is going to be the new weapon of OB35. It is an SMG with great damage in exchange for low stability and high recoil. The gun can be modified with all types of attachments, including muzzles and scopes. It is going to be a decent alternative for the MP5 or UMP.

627ac 16572133968876 1920
The new weapon Bizon is going to be a powerful SMG.

In real life, the Bizon is based on the AKS-74 and features a 60% parts commonality with the AK-74 assault rifle. This is probably why the gun shares the same "high damage, low accuracy" trait. It also has a pretty low magazine size - players need to equip the extended magazine for the weapon to be more effective.

4. Weapon Balancing Adjustments in Free Fire OB35

Garena has provided a detailed list of weapon rebalances in a teaser from their social media handles:

Weapon Balances

  • M1887 – Increased effective range and firing rate. Damage reduction
  • SCAR – Increased damage
  • G36 – Higher accuracy and firing rate in Assault Mode
  • M24 – Better damage
  • M14-III – Increased firing rate
  • UMP – Higher armor penetration
  • FAMAS-III – Higher armor penetration

Overall, the most notable changes are of the G36 and the M1887. The former will be much more effective in both of its modes, while the latter would be easier to use in general. However, to balance its buff out, the M1887 gets its damage reduced.

Players probably can still headshot kills with it, but body shots damage might be affected.

5. Three new characters

Up to 3 characters might be added in this patch. The first one is J.Biebs, based on pop star Justin Bieber, while the second one is a mystery character. The third character, Anitta, might be an exclusive addition to the Brazillian server - she does not have any skills.


  • Ability: Silent Sentinel - Allies within 12m can block 15% damage using their EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user EP. 
Adbc1 16572137794690 1920
J.Biebs character in Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Mystery character

  • Ability: Wall Brawl - This is an active skill that allows users to attack Gloo Walls to mark enemies within 5 meters of them. Afterward, the enemy would take damage if you destroy the Gloo wall. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: 55s. Affect 3 Gloo Walls maximum.
Ece98 16572137573343 1920
Mystery female character


Unlike the other Free Fire characters who individually come with unique skills, Anita does not come with any ability of her own. She has 4 skill slots that players can put any abilities that they have in, to create a combination. Overall, she is pretty much just a "base character" of sorts, if you want to use a character's active ability without actually using the character.

20871 16568505938983 1920
The new Anitta character

6. New Pet Owl

Hoot is a flying owl pet with a passive skill named "Far Sighted". It adds a 10m range when using scanning items and skills, while also increasing the duration of scans. At the highest level, the duration of scanning items is increased by 2.5 seconds.

E9e34 16572138062605 1920
New Hoot pet in Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Overall, this pet is going to be moderately useful, especially in combination with the Clu character. Her skill, Tracing Steps, locate the positions of enemies within 75m who are not in a prone or squat position. With the pet, the range would increase to 85m and the duration would increase to 12.5s.

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