The upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber is going to be part of Free Fire's fifth anniversary, making it one of the biggest celebration events to date. Overall, players can look forward to a month filled with rewards and activities.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to reveal all the Free Fire x Justin Bieber collab items leaked so far, including J.Biebs outfit bundle, MP40 skin, and more!

Free Fire x Justin Bieber collaboration items leaked

The leaks for the Free Fire x Justin Bieber collab came from Gaming Mistry, which is very popular in the community for providing players with details of upcoming events, content and collaborations. There is a high chance that these leaks turned out to be true.

Below is a list of all the new content revealed so far:

  • J.Biebs Outfit bundle (includes both inked and regular)
  • Acoustic Serenade
  • MP40 – Tunes of Rose
  • Melodious Hover
  • Sports Car – Marquis
  • Gloo Wall – Biebs Mural
  • Beautiful Love emote
  • Grove Moves emote
  • Peachy Ride arrival animation

The methods for obtaining these items have not been revealed. Players might be able to get some of them for free, but the best looking items probably cost diamonds.

Additionally, Gaming Mistry also provided a list of leaked items that might get added to the game during the 5th-anniversary event. Below are some of the more popular ones:

Male Bundle
The new bundles of the Futurnetic series has fairly good looking special effects.
  • Golden Futurnetic Bundle
  • Sterling Futurnetic Bundle
  • Passion Reuniter Bundle
  • Beauty Reuniter Bundle
  • Groza – Sterling Futurnetic
  • Treatment Sniper - Sterling Futurnetic
  • M4A1 – Sterling Futurnetic
  • M1887 – Sterling Conqueror
  • Universe Shatter Loot Box
  • Electro Fuse Loot Box
  • Universe Shatter Backpack
  • Sterling Star Backpack
  • Titanium Harness Skyboard
  • Crystal Digital Skyboard

About J.Biebs in Free Fire


Similar to the previous collaborations, Justin Bieber is also going to make his debut in Free Fire as a brand new character named J Biebs. It is unsure if the name of the character is going to be like this in all servers, as Garena has the tendency to change it on release.

"J Biebs is a man who wants to unite a fractured world. Through his childhood experiences, he learned that the answer to people's problems is not money or power but the actual connection between people. He has decided to use his singing skills to dedicate his life to reunite the world."

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The character looks rather plain in comparison with other Free Fire collabs.


Justin Bieber's skill is a passive called Silent Sentinel. It allows all characters in an area of 12 meters around the player to block up to 15% of upcoming damage with their EP. The deducted EP from allies will be added to the user's EP pool.

Free Fire
Justin Bieber

By leveling the skill, players gain a bigger AoE and higher damage reduction. Overall, the character is designed for team play, with a passive that blocks damage taken by teammates. It is unclear if the skill can affect the user of the passive or not. Furthermore, as the EP used by the skill does not disappear and just gets distributed around, the user can gain the benefits for free if all teammates use it.

They would still need to stay within 12 meters of each other, however, so this skill is not without weaknesses.

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