The map is probably the most important thing in the Battle Royale genre, and Garena rarely ever adds new ones to Free Fire, unless it is a big event. And this year's 5th anniversary actually fits that description.

A new map called Nexterra is going to be added to the game as part of the fifth anniversary update. While Nexterra will go live on August 20, Advance players already get to try the map out.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire new Nexterra map.

Nexterra looks like a futuristic city.

1. Overview of Nexterra

Nexterra is a futuristic land, with a lot of sci-fi elements that can't be found in other Free Fire maps. Players need to make use of these new features in order to get an advantage.

The map is a big landmass with only the Intellect Center being separated from the rest.

Two new mechanics will be included in this map:

  • Anti-Gravity Zones: In these zones, there is no gravity - players can jump higher and shoot opponents while in mid-air. This zone also eliminates fall damage taken.
  • Magic Portals: These portals are placed at strategic locations on the map. Players can go through them for quick two-way travels between the designated areas. This would open up a lot of new strategies, including ambushing and flanking.

Similar to the other maps in Free Fire, Nexterra is also going to have a lot of landmarks for players to explore:

  • Intellect Center
  • Twin Bridge
  • Mortar Ruins
  • Rust Town
  • Zipway
  • Mud Site
  • Deca Square
  • Plazaria
  • Farmtopia
  • Grav Labs
  • Turbine
  • Museum

2. Notable Locations on Nexterra

Source: UnGraduate Gamer on YouTube.


A futuristic showroom with a lot of platforms, hallways and hiding spots. There is a decent quantity of loot placed strategically in the main building.


Intellect Center

A research area with a number of small buildings and great loot all over. it is connected to the main island by three bridges.

The Intellect Center is likely going to be a hot spot, being the main structure on the Nexterra map.


Twin Bridge

This spot has two gigantic bridges that players can land on top. Overall, Twin Bridge is a transition area that is unlikely to see much traffic.


Mortar Ruins

This area is filled with broken ruins as far as the eye can see. Overall, it is also a dangerous area to be in - there is not much cover left and players are constantly exposed in the open.


Mud Site

Contrary to its name, Mudsite is an uncompleted building area that has barely any mud. There are a lot of small buildings that players can clear out for loot.

Prepare for close range combat, as the place has a lot of spots that players can hide in.


Deca Square

Deca Square is a huge open area filled with buildings and shops. The most notable thing about this location is that it is surrounded by pink flower fields.

Deca Square


Plazaria is a huge fast food restaurant that players can check out. It is near the center of the map, right next to Deca Square.

The main building is really big and contain a lot of high tier loot.



Farmtopia is a futuristic farm that covers the entire center of the map. Due to its location, a lot of players would land here and fight right from the start.

The area is relatively big with few buildings and obstacles - players should prepare long range weapons if possible. The main building has some of the best drops on Nexterra.



The Zipway is a transition area right next to Farmtopia in the middle of the map. However, unlike Farmtopia, it has no big buildings and therefore doesn't have any good loot.

There are a lot of smaller buildings scattered around the zone - looting them would take a lot of time and efforts.


Grav Labs

Grav Labs contain the previously mentioned anti-gravity area. It is a research factory of anti-gravity. Players who land here will get the chance to participate in airborne gunfights.

However, it is best to stay on the ground, as jumping high is a bad idea. You would be exposed and might get shot down fairly easily.



This is a special area filled with gigantic turbines. Overall, the turbines are just decorations and the drops of the location are rather poor. It is also separated from the main island by water.


Rust Town

Rust Town is more or less a continuation of the Mortar Ruins, but unlike the ruins, it is intact and has buildings filled with loot.

Depending on the route of the plane, players can choose to land on this location immediately to start the match right away.


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