Getting a new map in a BR game is one of the biggest events you can have - a new map called Nexterra has just been released in Free Fire, as part of the 5th anniversary special. It is currently available in both ranked and unranked, allowing players to explore the new battlefield and earn some rank points in the process.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 7 best landing spots on Free Fire Nexterra map.

4022185 Nexterraminimap
The Nexterra map is really well designed, with futuristics landscape all over.

1. Deca Square

Deca Square is a very attractive location to land, due to the plentiful loot drop in the available main buildings. Players who land here should be able to get plenty of gear for the later phases of the game.

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Deca Square

The whole area is surrounded by pink flower fields, with relatively few covers. After gathering weapons, players should be able to camp for enemies fairly easily from the main buildings of Deca Square. Lastly, the place is also pretty well connected with other locations on the map, allowing players to rotate when needed.

2. Museum

The Museum is the second biggest structure on the map, where players can find high-tier loot. The area is highly cramped and filled with hiding spots, however - players need to prepare for close range combat if they land here.

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The staircases, floors, and platforms can make combat quite interesting and tough, especially when the enemies are taking the high ground. If this happens, it is best to retreat instead of continuing to fight. The location of Museum is not that ideal - it is on the northwest side of the map and is rather separated from the other Nexterra landmarks. The reason that this place gets on the top list is because of its high drop quality alone.

3. Mud Site

Mud Site is one of the most underestimated places on the Nexterra map. It has a lot of small buildings and a surprisingly high quantity of loot. Unlike Mortar Ruins and Rust Town, Mud Site has ample cover and hiding spots, allowing players to compete even if they land slower.

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Mud Site

The other eastern zones are surrounded by flat areas, which makes them hard to traverse. If the plane route passes through the east side of the map, checking out Mud Site is a must.

Rotating away from Mud Site is pretty easy, as players can access Deca Square from the south side, which actually has plenty of covers.

4. Plazaria

Plazaria is a massive food vendor on Nexterra. It is a gigantic complex with three buildings interconnecting with each other, containing high-quality weapons and accessories. Combat here might be pretty tricky, however, as consistent covers are not that common.

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Due to the high quality of loot drop, Plazaria is considered a hot drop site and players should prepare for a fight when landing here.

5. Intellect Center

The Intellect Center is considered the core of the island of Nexterra, located on an isolated section on the north side of the map. It is connected to the mainland via three bridges. The location is yet another modern looking facility that offers high tier loot.

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Intellect Center

Due to the relatively elaborate design and the number of loot, the Intellect Center attracts a lot of players. Anyone who lands here might need to fight as soon as they arrive. As there are relatively few buildings on the island, players might need to loot and clear them out as fast as possible.

6. Farmtopia

Farmtopia is a futuristic farm that covers the entire center of the map. Due to its location, a lot of players would land here and fight right from the start.


The area is relatively big with few buildings and obstacles - players should prepare long range weapons if possible. The main building has some of the best drops on Nexterra.

If players managed to land and claim the main building, it is relatively simple to just camp here and wait for the circle to close in. The center position of Farmtopia makes it rather easy to rotate out when needed. There are a decent number of vehicles spawn here too.

7. Grav Labs

The Grav labs is a new area with completely new mechanics: anti-gravity. Players should be able to float in the air and engage in combat this way. Because of this, many players will land here to explore and loot.

Grav Labs

The quality and quantity of loot here aren't bad, but players will need to fight a lot in order to gain an advantage in this area. at least rotating out is fairly easy, as there are a lot of covers in the vicinity.

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