Picking the right landing spot is a big decision - it might affect the course of the whole match.  Depending on your playstyle, experience in-game, and character builds, some locations have more advantages than others. Luckily, the Bermuda map has all types of locations. There are hot drop locations for aggressive players, tactical drops for passive players, and even save havens for beginners.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 7 best landing spots on Free Fire Bermuda Remastered map (2022).

The Bermuda Remastered map in Free Fire

1. Hangar

Located on the west side of the map, Hangar is one of the best places to land due to the concentration of its loot spawns. Players can either hit the two big warehouses for the control tower, with good loot on both locations.

Due to the lack of covers in the general vicinity, the control tower is also a great camping spot where players can stay inside and control approaches from the clocktower and aden's creek. There are also a number of vehicles spawn here as well, so players won't have to worry about moving out and follow the circle.

Controlling the tower would give the player a big advantage other others.

2. Observatory

Similar to the hangar, the Observatory also has multiple buildings with concentration of loot. However, unlike the hangar, it has a lot of cars strategically placed as covers. Players should prepare for close range combat when landing here.

Alternatively, they can just avoid the parking sites and just loot the building. Get a vantage point afterward to control the area if needed. With the landmark placed on the edge of the map, it is likely that players would have to move soon. Luckily, there are a number of vehicle spawns in Observatory.

Almost all locations on the map have a vantage point designed for snipers.

3. Academy

One of the biggest locations on Bermuda Remastered, the Academy is fairly compact, with 4 big complexes and relatively few covers in its vicinity.

When landing here, players should claim at least one of the two big buildings right away, as they are where the high quality loot is. While on the edge of the map, players can get to Katulistiwa fairly easily, which makes surviving the later zones becomes easier.

The Academy has a lot of quality loot, especially in its main building.

4. Nurek Dam

Nurek Dam is easily the best looking structure on the map. It is on the north side of the island, inside a bay leading to the sea. The dam is a fairly open area, with relatively few covers and therefore very dangerous if you can't land there first. Its loot is rather poor as well.

So why would anyone land here? Well, Nurek Dam is right next to the middle of the map, but out of the way enough that players won't see much competition. Landing here allows players to get some items, camp around a little, then move toward the circle.

Nurek Dam is rather barren so players should not stay here for long.

5. Mill

The Mill is yet another landing spot often underestimated by players. The number and quality of loot here are surprisingly decent. With the buildings being close together, players should be able to loot all of them in quick succession.

After clearing this spot out, players can either move toward the dam or Keraton, depending on how the circle moves. The Northeast side of Bermuda Remastered is rather barren so they should not encounter too many enemies.

The Mill is easily defensible as it can only be accessed on one side.

6. Circuit

The racing circuit is one of the most distinct places on the Bermuda Remastered map. Located on the easternmost side of the island, this location is super deserted unless the plane path is close to it.

Landing here is not that bad, as players can just pick up a vehicle spawn and move away when needed. The loot in this zone usually spawns in the 3 buildings in the middle of the Circuit.

The circuit has a great design but its quantity of loot is not that good.

7. Samurai's Garden

Located on a separate island southwest of the map, Samurai's Garden is more or less the most remote place on the map (if the plane path does not go near it). It is a shame, as the area is very beautiful and has a great amount of quality loot.

Players can loot the cluster of buildings close together in the middle of the complex, or hit the main building, where the chances for high tier loot are the highest. Just be careful when leaving the location, as the

Samurai's Garden is one of the most beautifully designed place on all Free Fire maps.

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