Free Fire has a huge collection of weapons, allowing players to freely choose their own playstyle and gun combination. While the game is fairly balanced, there are certain gun combinations that will give you an edge over other players. Having a good gun combination will increase your winning rate in duels and help you obtain more Booyah.

Here are the top 3 best gun combinations in Free Fire MAX.

1. SCAR + MP5

The SCAR is one of the most versatile weapons in Free Fire MAX. It has good damage, rate of fire, and range. Players can also attach many different attachments to it to increase the efficiency of the weapon. For this reason, the SCAR can help you handle enemies in mid-range and long-range battles.

The MP5, on the other hand, is a great weapon in close-range combats. It is great for when you need to rush enemies in a building.

Mid Range Weapons Scar
The SCAR can be used in many situations.

2. Woodpecker + M1887

The Woodpecker is famous for its deadly damage, armor penetration, and accuracy. This sniper rifle can easily take down a player from far away in just a few shots. It also comes with a default 8x scope. However, this weapon is almost useless in close-range combat. That's why you need to use it with the M1887.

The M1887 shotgun is the best shotgun in Free Fire as it can burst down a player easily with 2 shots. However, its magazine also only has 2 bullets so missing a shot might put you in a bad position.

The Woodpecker is a powerful long-range weapon in Free Fire.

3. AWM + MP40

This is another gun combination in Free Fire MAX with a strong sniper and a strong close-range weapon. The AWM is the king of sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX. It is the favorite weapon of many skilled sniper players because of its power. Meanwhile, the MP40 is the strongest SMG in Free Fire with an insane rate of fire. At close range, the MP40 can shred the enemy within seconds.

Winterlands Mp40
The MP40 is the strongest SMG in Free Fire MAX.

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