The Alpine map is the newest addition to Free Fire's map roster. It is covered with snowy mountains and forests, which is a first in the game. High altitude sections of the map are covered with snow while the low altitude zones have none, which gives players more diverse terrain.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 8 best landing spots in Free Fire Alpine map 2022.

Alpine Map
Only a small part of the map is covered with snow.

1. Snowfall

Located on the northwest side of the island, Snowfall is the second biggest drop spot on the map, just after Militia. However, due to the relative safety of the region, lading on Snowfall is much easier. Players won't have to fight others much, especially if the plane's path does not pass it.

The amount of loot in Snowfall is great, with relatively high quality.

If more people land here, prepare for close and mid range fights, as the terrain in this location provides a lot of covers. To get out of the area, players can use two ziplines - one of them directly drops into Ocean View.

2. Forest Red

Forest Red is the second Eastern-themed area on the map, similar to Snowfall. However, unlike Snowfall, it is in autumn instead of winter.

Alpine Map Trick Ff
Players can use a Gloo grenade to climb up the tree in the middle of Forest Red to camp the area.

Besides its unique architecture, Forest Red is also an amazing drop zone, as it is one of the 3 center locations in Alpine. Players and their teams can camp here to hold an advantage when the circle close in. Similar to Snowfall, Forest Red's loot is also pretty decent, albeit scattered across multiple buildings. Fast landing and clearing are required, as enemies would also arrive very soon.

3. Sunside

Another landmark in the center of the map, Sunside is often ignored due to its low amount of loot and rough terrain. However, should the player choose to land here, they would have a much better time.

Wind and solar power
The loot here is relatively poor but there's no competition whatsoever.

Try to move out of the solar panels' field and head toward the buildings on the north side of the zone for better loot. As this place is a high vantage point, players can come back later to camp with a sniper rifle.

4. Militia

The Militia is the military base on Alpine, with loot scattered in both the open and indoors. This place has a good quantity of loot that can support the whole team. However, it doesn't have much cover and a sniper on the high ground can cover everything. If players land here after the enemy team, it is best to move to other locations and avoid fights.

This is probably the hottest drop you can do on the Alpine map.

Militia has two zip lines for escaping and one vending machine. Because of that, camping in this location is pretty ideal if you want to go slow and survive until the endgame.

5. Vantage

Located directly opposite Snowfall, Vantage is also a location that new players might want to check out. Separated from the main map, players landing here can enjoy some easy looting without any harassment from enemies.

Use the zipline north of the landmark to move into the mainland and avoid getting sniped.

This location also has decent loot quality. The only real problem with it is the limited ways to move out onto the main map, which makes players fairly vulnerable.

6. Dock

The Dock is a gigantic complex on Alpine, containing a huge amount of loot scattered all over the place. Landing here can give players and their whole team a big advantage in later fights.

The majority of the loot in the Dock is stored in the two big warehouses.

The only problem is its general location on the easternmost side of the map. Players usually have to glide or walk to it as the plane barely ever passes it.

7. Fusion

Fusion is a hybrid complex of multiple buildings on the southwest side of the map. The high number of buildings naturally yield a lot of loot and players should definitely hit this location if the plane route cross or near it.


Prepare for some close-range combat, of course, as there isn't much cover outside of those buildings.

8. Railroad

The railroad is yet another location that people often ignore due to its remote placement on the map. While the two big stations in Railroad have the best loot, players can also find some scattered in the area. Be careful when looting as there is not much cover here.

Players can take advantage of the high ground here to cover a wide area.

Rotating away from this location is fairly easy - players can just take a couple of vehicles that spawn in the vicinity.

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