Purgatory is the second map of Garena Free Fire that was unlocked after you reach character level 5. It is a lot different from the other maps - the island was divided into 2 parts with a big canal. This, in turn, creates a lot of chokepoints, as you have to cross bridges to get to the other side of the island.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 7 best landing spots in Free Fire Bermuda map 2022.

The Purgatory map has fewer landmarks on the north side.

1. Moathouse

Moathouse is one of the few locations with high-tier loot on Purgatory. Because of that, rushers often land here, especially if the plane's path overlaps it.

The location itself has good cover unless swimming in the open waters where there is no defense.

The loot is definitely worth the fight, of course. If possible, you should try to land on the upper level of the house or on the upper floors of the smaller house on the left side to get the loot faster and gain an edge in the upcoming fight. The quantity of the loot is rather low, however, so teams might want to loot fast and move out of the area toward the houses on the shore of the lake.

2. Golf Course

Outside of the main buildings where all the loot is placed, Golf Course is an easily defensible open area. By landing here first, players could gather items and snipe anybody who approaches.

A debatably safe area to land as long as you get there first.

The Golf Course is in one of the most crowded areas on the map - right next to Mt. Villa and Central. Players can land on Mt. Villa and then move over to this, as it has the high ground advantage. Camping the bridge to wait for players heading over from Central is also an option.

3. Central

Alongside Brasilia, Central is one of the two hot drops on the map, where players usually rush for gears and early fights. However, unlike Brasilia, Central is small enough for a team to claim and clear out. The loot is concentrated inside the houses instead of getting scattered in a huge area.


If players managed to claim the place early on, they would have a much easier time later in the match, especially when the circle is on the south side of the island.

4. Ski Lodge

The east side’s Ski lodge is another great spot for survival-style players - it is the biggest building on the map. There are only a few ways to enter it so the area is very defensible. The loot can be found scattered around on the ground – the open field is an advantage, as you would be able to look around and scout for enemies. On the right die, off the runway is a vehicle that you can use to leave the site using the main road after completing the looting.

The area is almost completely open-space meaning there aren’t many places to hide, not even inside the structure.

It is also a less visited spot - there should be less competition for players who land here.

5. Mt. Villa

This is the highest location on the Purgatory map, and similar to the Peak in Bermuda, its chance for sniper rifle spawns is higher. Players can land here to grab a sniper weapon and then camp for enemies approaching the position.

While it lacks proper cover, it makes up for its view good for camping while scouting downhill enemies.

Due to its close proximity to the Golf Course, a team could loot both locations if they are fast. Getting off the villa is fairly easy, as the location has a lot of ziplines heading out.

6. Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill is the second biggest building on the island, after the Ski Lodge. It is a great starting point for a squad due to its high quantity of loot, enough to equip a whole team.

The area around the location does not provide much protection except for a few trees and trailers.

The tier of the loot is a bit low, however. Players might want to move out to other loot spots right after clearing.

7. Forge

Forge is a great area located on even terrain and contains high-tier loot. Players can loot the gigantic warehouse and a few smaller ones. Players can hit this area after moving out of Campsite or Sky Lodge.

Looting the area should be done with extreme caution as there is certainly someone who might pass by eventually.

However, the risk of getting spotted here is high due to the lack of covers, aside from a few containers. Avoid wandering in the open field and try to move from cover to cover.

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