Free Fire OB36 patch is going to come out in September, and to prepare for that, Garena has released the OB36 Advance Server. Similar to all previous OB patches, OB36 is going to have two new characters: Tatsuya and Luna.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the two new characters in Free Fire OB36.

1. Free Fire OB36 Luna character

Appearance-wise, Luna is a female character that comes from an affluent background.

Her ability is a passive called "Fight or Run" which increases her fire rate and movement speed. Below are the stats of the skill at level 1:

Increases fire rate by 12.5%. When hitting an opponent, a maximum of 10% of fire rate will be converted to movement speed. The skill will reset after surviving combat.

Nova Personagem Free Fire Luna Chega Em Setembro C

Overall, the ability is fairly powerful as it increases the DPS of your character directly. There haven't been any skills in Free Fire that increase the fire rate of weapons before. On top of that, the skill is a passive and is suitable for pretty much all combos - this character is going to be super popular.

The movement speed bonus is just the cherry on top. Based on the wording of the skill, this would be a huge buff to SMGs, as the faster the fire rate of the weapon, the higher the movement speed bonus.

It is highly likely that Luna would get a nerf when she comes out, or a couple of patches afterward.

2. Free Fire OB36 Tatsuya character

Unlike Luna who was revealed on a loading screen, Tatsuya's appearance has not been revealed at all. The only image we got from the Advance server is his face.

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Tatsuya's ability is called Rebel Rush. Below are the stats of the skill at level 6:

Sprint forward at rapid speed for 0.5 seconds. 30 second cooldown, can be used up to 2 times.

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The skill is like an Active version of Joseph's ability. On activation, players can move at a rapid rate for half a second, with a cooldown of 40s. The skill has two charges and can be used twice in succession (5s cooldown between usage).

Overall, this "burst movement" skill would open up a lot of options in close range fights. With the explosive speed, players should be able to throw off the aim of their foes. However, it is yet to be seen if the skill is effective in actual combat.

3. Corrosion Grenade

Corrosion Grenade is the new Free Fire item that serves as a counter to Gloo walls. After the explosion, the Corrosion Grenade creates an acid area that damages all gloo walls in the radius until they break down.

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Overall, this item might change the wall spam strategy in Free Fire and make players engage each other instead of just hiding.

It's worth noting that players will also take damage if they stay within the Corrosion Grenade AoE. Unlike the fire grenade, the damage of the corrosion effect is pretty negligible. Also, after the Gloo Wall is destroyed, the Corrosion Grenade no longer deals damage to players.

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