Earlier this week, Free Fire's social media handles have dropped the official release date and confirmed features for the upcoming Free Fire OB36 version. It will arrive on Sept 21, bringing a number of new characters and features.

The Advance server at the beginning of the month has revealed some of these features, including 2 mystery characters, a new pet, upgraded features for Clash Squad mode, Social Island, etc. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything confirmed so far for Free Fire OB36.

New character: Tatsuya

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The new Tatsuya character is going to be popular amongst rushers.

Tatsuya is going to be the new male character in Free Fire OB36. He is the younger brother of Shirou. His ability is likely to be an active skill called Rebel Rush:

  • Rebel Rush is like an Active version of Joseph's ability. On activation, players can move at a rapid rate for half a second, with a cooldown of 40s.
  • It has two charges and can be used twice in succession (5s cooldown between usage).

Overall, this "burst movement" skill would open up a lot of options in close range fights. With the explosive speed, players should be able to throw off the aim of their foes. However, it is yet to be seen if the skill is effective in actual combat.

Treatment Laser Gun

Another new weapon of the Treatment gun series is going to be added to the Battle Royale (classic) and Clash Squad modes - the Laser Treatment gun.

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The Laser Treatment gun might be an useful tool in squad mode.

Unlike the other weapon in the Treatment series, the Laser Treatment gun does not use projectiles. It fires a healing beam and can heal teammates on the other side of a wall or barrier. This has the potential to become the most useful healing weapon to date, as you won't have to move out of cover to boost teammates.

However, the range of the weapon is going to be a bit low. Outside of this, the other stats of the Laser Treatment gun have not been revealed yet.

Gloo Melter Grenade

Corrosion Grenade is the new Free Fire item that serves as a counter to Gloo walls. After the explosion, the Corrosion Grenade creates an acid area that damages all gloo walls in the radius until they break down.

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The new corrosion grenade would make spamming walls useless.

Overall, this item might change the wall spam strategy in Free Fire and make players engage each other instead of just hiding.

It's worth noting that players will also take damage if they stay within the Corrosion Grenade AoE. Unlike the fire grenade, the damage of the corrosion effect is pretty negligible. Also, after the Gloo Wall is destroyed, the Corrosion Grenade no longer deals damage to players.

Weapon skin lifetime progress

Weapon skin progress will accumulate in this new feature. If players are able to get a temporary gun skin multiple times, they can accumulate the progress and convert the same into a permanent collectible.

Additionally, there will be a new Gallery feature for the Weapon section. It can be utilized by players to showcase their arsenal of weapons in the game, based on their rarity, type and more.

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Players can showcase all their weapon skins in the Free Fire weapon armory.

This way, players with a lot of skins can show off the best weapons that they manage to get.

Social Island

This is a new feature in Free Fire OB36, which allows players to engage with other players in various activities and make friends.

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There will be minigames on points of interest such as racing track, football field, boxing ring and more. This allows users to have fun outside of battle, all within the BR title.

NeXTerra as a Clash Squad map

The fifth-anniversary celebrations brought a new BR map to the game, providing users with new locations to explore. In OB36, Garena has decided to add a number of places on Nexterra to the Clash Squad mode.

Overview of Nexterra

Nexterra is a futuristic land, with a lot of sci-fi elements that can't be found in other Free Fire maps. Players need to make use of these new features in order to get an advantage.

The map is a big landmass with only the Intellect Center being separated from the rest.

Other changes

Apart from the additions mentioned above, players can also expect the following changes in Free Fire OB36 update:

  • Rank protection optimization: Availability of a Protection Card after ranking up.
  • Reworking of Training Grounds.
  • Weapon upgrades for Ice Gun, Shield Gun, and Scar.
  • Clash Squad gameplay adjustments.

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