Free Fire OB36 patch has finally come out, and with it, a flurry of new balance changes for various characters, and some of them were buffed exponentially. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 most useful character skills in Free Fire OB36 that players should try out.

1. Dimitri

  • Creates a 3.5m-diameter healing zone. Inside, user and allies recover 3HP/s → 5HP/s. When downed, user and allies can self-recover to get up. Lasts for 10/11/12/13/14/15s. Cooldown 85/80/75/70/65/60s.

While the 2 HP boost might seem small, as the skill lasts for 15 seconds, it is actually 30 HP. Dimitri's ability is already pretty good before OB36, and this small boost might finally make it become popular.

Free Fire Anniversary Dimitri Vegas Like Mike

The heal is just the bonus part of the skill. The best part of it is actually the "self revive feature". You can help your teammates get up by just moving near them and activating the aura, which saves a lot of time. This is super effective in both saving teammates and reviving yourself in aim duels - you can just activate this ability while next to a waist-high cover.

2. D-Bee

  • When firing while moving, movement speed increases by 10/12/14/16/18/20% → 20/22/24/26/28/30%, accuracy increases by 20/23/27/32/38/45% → 35/38/42/47/53/60%.

D-Bee's ability is yet another unique skill in Free Fire - it encourages players to run and gun. However, not every weapon in the game has the capability for that - most snipers and DMRs cant. Bullet Beats is only effective on Shotguns and SMGs.

D Bee

While the requirement is fairly limited, the boost is substantial. An extra 60% accuracy can boost your MP40 spray to an absurd level, or let your M1887 shots converge on enemies' heads. You don't really need to build your whole skill tree around Bullet Beats - this skill is a good standalone.

The 30% movement speed allows players to zip around super fast and potentially avoid enemies' fire. This is a massive boost and would definitely make D-bee worth using.

3. Nairi

  • Once deployed, Gloo Walls recover 20/22/24/26/28/30% → 40/42/44/46/48/50% of current durability every 1s. 30/31/32/33/34/35% increase in damage when using ARs on Gloo Walls.

As Nairi's ability is a passive, it is fairly versatile and can be combined with any skill in the game. The effect is pretty strong - unless enemies go out of their way to destroy the Gloo Wall in one burst, the wall would heal back to full in just a few seconds. Nairi's skill would counter the new corrosive grenade pretty easily.

Nairi Character In Free Fire 1024x576

The second component of the ability is pretty useful as well. The 35% extra damage would allow you and your team to focus down enemy walls. Nairi would definitely see frequent use in high rank games, where Gloo grenades are spammed everywhere.

This means end game fights would be much easier for Nairi users now, as you can just duck behind the wall and wait for it to heal. Just be vary of Skyler's ability, as it can deal a huge amount of damage to your Gloo Walls at once. Gloo Wall penetration weapons like the M82B can be a problem as well, as enemies would be able to pierce it and damage you.

4. Miguel

  • Gain 30/40/50/60/70/80 → 100/120/140/160/180/200 EP for each knockdown.

Miguel's ability now literally bring your EP back to full after a kill. This is one of the biggest buffs ever in Free Fire - looks like Garena really wants players to try Miguel out.

Free Fire Miguel

This skill would combo really well with K's EP draining aura. This way, players would be able to constantly regenerate the HP back to full, as long as they can get kills. This frees up medkit slots for something else.

5. Laura

  • Accuracy increases by 10/13/17/22/28/35% → 25/28/32/37/43/50% while scoped in.

Laura's ability is simple yet effective - it increases your accuracy by 50% when scoped in. While it is not nearly as effective on sniper rifles, her ability works wonderfully on DMRs and ARs, the low-accuracy sniping weapons. Overall, this skill is most effective on low accuracy weapons such as the AN94 or AK.

Free Fire Laura

Unlike a lot of skills in Free Fire, Laura's ability works on all guns, so you don't have to worry about changing weapons. The only weakness of this skill is that you need a scope for it to work - the bonus accuracy won't work when hip-firing.

6. Shirou

  • When the user is hit by an enemy from within 80m → 100m, said attacker is marked for 6s (marking only visible to user). First shot on marked enemies has 50/58/67/77/88/100% additional armor penetration. Cooldown: 25/24/22/19/15/10s.

OB36 finally buffs Shirou back to his original power level on release. This ability allows players to quickly detect enemies' location when ambushed, which in turn enables them to get into cover at the right angle.


Furthermore, the bonus damage would provide a decent edge, especially when you are trying to retaliate. Damage Delivered's armor penetration is decent in close-range fights as well.

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