Firearm sensitivity is important for accurate headshots. Let's check out the best sensitivity setting for Free Fire headshots in 2024. This setting can help increase your accuracy and reduce the gun recoil.

#1. Sensitivity Setting For Rushers

Rushers and assaulters often take up close combat by using close-range weapons like shotguns, assault rifles, and SMGs. However, these guns often have high recoil rates and low stability. The following sensitivity settings may help you solve this problem and increase the accuracy.

General Red Dot 2X 4X Sniper scope Free look
90-100 90 85 70-80 55-60 65-67

This setting can help improve your precision in close-range firearm combat. But you also need to practice headshot skills and lock your aiming point well.

Close Combat
Close combat settings

#2. Sensitivity Setting For Snipers

It's more difficult to aim and shoot accurately from a long distance due to bullet drop rates and barrel movement. You can improve the precision by adjusting the camera sensitivity to make it more stable, especially when you shoot with scope-on. Here is a recommendation for Free Fire headshots with snipe rifles in long-range combat without auto-headshot mods.

General Red Dot 2X 4X Sniper scope Free look
90-100 80 70 60 52-55 55-58

As you have to use large scopes to aim in long-range combat, your screen will shake at larger ranges. It's even worse when you use an unstable sniper rifle with large recoil rates. It can make your camera choke up and waste your time adjusting the camera for the next shot. That's why Free Fire pro players often reduce the sensitivity of long-range cameras.

Distanced Combat
Best setting for distanced Combat

#3. Sensitivity Setting For Low-end Devices

If you play Free Fire on a low-end smartphone, the sudden lag may make you lose the game. Therefore, you need a different sensitivity setting to save your life from pro players and make headshots professionally. Here is a suggestion for long-range headshots.

General Red Dot 2X 4X Sniper scope Free look
100 90 85 75 67 63

In addition, you need standard sound, display, and basic settings to ensure a low loading requirement for your smartphone. Don't select high-level graphics options or your device will heat up quickly and get lagged frequently.

Low End Smartphone
Best settings for low-end devices

#4. Tips For Headshots

Sensitivity Settings can help your cameras run smoothly at the desired speed for precise aiming points and quick aiming speed. But it cannot help you make a headshot without headshot skills. Here are some headshot tips for improving your skills and outperforming cheaters with auto-headshot hacks or mods.

  • Turn on the 'Free Look' and 'Hold Fire to scope' features.
  • Set Aim Precision to Default.
  • Turn off the 'Reload Progress on Crosshair' function.
  • Choose 'Always' to turn on the Left Fire Button.
  • Always keep your crosshair on the top of the enemy's head at long distances.
  • Lock your free-look aiming point above the shoulder level to drag headshots quickly when encountering enemies.
  • Pick the right weapons for headshots, such as SVD, Woodpecker, and the M82B.
Free Fire Headshot Tips
Practice headshot skills.

In addition, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should practice headshot skills every day to improve your reflection and form a headshot habit in Garena Free Fire. There are more tips and tricks for pro gameplay and performance on

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