Free Fire's return to India caused a stir in the gaming community. Every Indian Free Fire player is looking for the timeline of this event. Let's see what Forrest Li, Sea's CEO and founder said about their plan.

Free Fire's Return To India

The founder and SEO of Sea didn't clarify the exact date of Free Fire's return. But he revealed that the game publisher is working with stakeholders and preparing the "best plan" for the re-entry of Free Fire in India in an earnings call on May 14th. He mentioned some aspects that they are considering carefully before relaunching this game in the biggest market of Free Fire, including users and bookings.

Free Fire India Return
Free Fire is coming back to India soon.

According to Li, Sea and its stakeholders are working actively to make a plan with the participation of potential local partners. They consider India as a very big market of the game. Therefore, the publishers surely want to have a successful return to this market. That's why they must prepare a good plan for this important event.

Free Fire Hip Hop Bundle Golden
Sea is working hard to relaunch its battle royale game in India.

India is one of the biggest markets of Free Fire. It was a big loss when the Indian government banned Free Fire and 54 other Chinese apps in February 2022 due to concerns about security issues. The prohibition resulted in a huge loss in Sea's market valuation. Hence, they are making great attempts to bring their battle royale game back to India.

Free Fire Bring It Up
Indian Free Fire players can expect its return.

Li's statement reinforced the possibility of Free Fire's re-entry after a previous tease about this plan in September 2023. However, they had to postpone the relaunch plan last year. There is uncertainty about the timeline of this comeback, but Indian Free Fire players can start to expect it. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Free Fire's return on

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