You don’t need to take risks from Free Fire hacks/mods to increase your K/D Rate (Kill per Death) with the following pro tips and strategies. Mastering these tips also helps you become a pro player in this shooting game.

#1. Playing Strategically

Free Fire is not only a shooting game but it is also a battle royale game that requires players to have wise strategies to win every battle. Playing safe does not make you look like a coward, but it will help improve your K/D rate.

Only by killing more enemies while avoiding dying too early and too many times can your K/D rate increase. Playing aggressively and engaging in every combat increase the risk of being killed early. Then, your K/D rate will drop quickly.

Free Fire Lose The Game
Play safe and avoid early death.

#2. Have A Good Squad

Playing in the squad mode can help you raise K/D steadily in Free Fire without Free Fire hacks/mods. Having support and cooperation from teammates raises the chance of winning and lowers the risk of dying soon.

But you need to stick to your teammates, even when going scouting. Make sure that you are close enough to at least one ally to heal each other when one of you is shot down. Besides, always give your teammate cover when the entire team engages in combat. Avoid playing with random players if you have a solid team because you may meet some toxic players.

Mag 7 Free Fire
Stick to your squad.

#3. Pick Right Role & Character

There are many roles in Free Fire, such as sniper, assaulter/rifler, bomber, supporter, or rusher. Each role requires unique skills, so you can pick proper characters to use their skills. Besides, you will need appropriate weapons and pets to raise the chance of winning.

#4. Avoid Hotdrops

Hotdrop locations are full of pro players with great skills and expertise. The risk of dying soon, therefore, is very high. It can make your K/D rate drop. Therefore, you should avoid these places to survive and get easy kills from single enemies.

Rusher Free Fire
Hunt for single players.

#5. Loot Necessary Supplies

Focus on looting necessary supplies for your survival in Free Fire. Don't loot everything you see because your inventory capacity is limited. Sometimes, some decent supplies are hidden in high places or easy-to-ignore corners. Many decent guns often spawn in houses and famous buildings.

#6. Have Proper Setting

Phone settings also affect your performance and results. If you get lagged and automatically log out during combat, you will lose the game. Keep in mind that you should have different settings for high-end devices and low-end devices.

Moreover, focus on sensitivity settings to reduce the gun recoil and precision. Don't forget to pay attention to control settings and auto pickup to save time in looting.

Free Fire Setting
Have Proper Settings

#7. Practice In Non-Rank Matches

To make sure that you are ready to engage and win every combat to guarantee a high K/D rate, practice real combat in non-rank game modes before entering the rank mode. When you have mastered all necessary shooting skills and reflection speed, engage in rank matches and start to farm kills.

These are the best tips and strategies to raise your K/D rate without Free Fire hacks/mods. Share your own tips by leaving a comment. Stay tuned for more tips and news about Free Fire.

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