Nano Lifeshield is the special survival skill of Free Fire Sonia. She brought advanced Nano technology to the battlefield to survive and get Booyah. Check out the best tips and skill combo to master this ability.

I. Free Fire Sonia Kits

Sonia's special survival skill is named 'Nano Lifeshield', suitable for aggressive Free Fire players. Understanding the operation of character abilities helps you make proper strategies for them. Here's how Sonia's kit works.

  • Nano Lifeshield will be triggered when you get damage to protect yourself. This 150 HP shield lasts 3 seconds to give you a chance of survival.
  • Within these three seconds, you can obtain an HP buff equal to the remaining HP of the shield by knocking down an opponent.

Sonia's Nano Lifeshield has a long cooldown period of 180 seconds. It requires players to have proper strategies and tactics to maximize Sonia's potential and fix her weaknesses.

Sonia Free Fire
Sonia came to Free Fire with a Nano Shield.

II. Best Tips For Sonia

It's essential to make appropriate strategies and some wise tips for using Free Fire Sonia effectively. Check out the best tips and tactics for Sonia in Free Fire 2024 here.

  • Play aggressively: When using Sonia as the primary character, you should engage aggressively because her kit is designed for a position in the frontline. This character can play the role of a Rusher or Assaulter thanks to her Lifeshield. It protects this character from bullets and lets her prepare to shoot back for HP revival.
  • Timing for knocking down enemies: As her level of restored HP is equal to the shield's HP, you'd better focus on knocking down an enemy after activating the shield. Be accurate and aggressive when using Sonia to attack and defend at the same time.
  • Engage in close-range combat: Sonia's kit is suitable for close combat. But she may take risks from intense battles in this range. Therefore, Sonia needs a supporter to cover her in some situations. Besides, pick the best weapons for close combat, such as shotguns and SMGs.

Sonia's kit is less helpful in long-range fights. So, she is an ideal character option for CS rank mode and close fights. In addition to personal skills and tips, Sonia should be paired with defensive passive talents for survival.

Sonia Nano Shield
Use Sonia for close-range combat.

III. Best Skill Combos For Sonia

When Sonia takes an aggressive role like a rusher, she may take risks of being ambushed and eliminated. Therefore, you'd better pair her Nano Lifeshield with some defensive skills for survival.

  • Dimitri's talent is the highly recommended passive talent for Free Fire Sonia. His self-reviving skill fits Sonia's role and kits.
  • Combine Santino's skill with Sonia's Nano Lifeshield in CS Rank mode. Her kit is very useful in the Clash Squad modes. Make use of their skill combination to rank up fast in this mode.
Free Fire Sonia
Sonia's kit works well with the defensive passive talents of Dimitri.

Those are the best tactics and skill combos to master Free Fire Sonia. Share your tips by leaving a comment. Stay tuned for more interesting game news and tips from pro players.

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