The newest Free Fire character Ignis came with a special skill called Flame Mirage. This brave young man has great potential in this battle royale game. Check out the best tips and skill combos for Free Fire Ignis here.

Free Fire Character Ignis
Learn how to master Ignis's Flame Mirage.

Free Fire Ignis Abilities

Ignis's special skill, Flame Mirage, can activate an 18m-wide flaming wall existing for 8 seconds. This flaming screen can burn and damage enemies and Gloo Wall within its range of influence. When touching this barrier, opponents will get 38 instant damage points from an initial burst.

Then, they continue to experience an HP drain of 18HP/second in 15 seconds due to the burning effect. Besides, their armor health also decreases by 10%.

The Gloo Wall burned by Ignis's flaming wall also takes 200 instant damage and 200 follow-up damage per second under the burning effect.

Free Fire Ignis
Free Fire Ignis has a supportive skill.

Tactical Tips & Role Of Ignis

Ignis's special skill makes him suitable for a position in the front line of the squad. These tips and tricks will help you master Ignis and get Booyah.

  • Aim Precisely: Before releasing the flaming wall, you must choose an optimal placement and aim precisely to reach the largest number of opponents and Gloo Walls.
  • Maintain communication: Keep communicating with teammates to contribute damage and eliminate enemies faster. Ignis's ability is economic in removing enemies' walls. You can make a strategic attack when cooperating with an ally sniper or assaulted.
  • Escape wisely: You can release a flaming screen to make a cover for a tactical escape in dangerous situations.

Ignis's Flame Mirage has an economic utility to eliminate enemies in close-range combat, but you need the ally's cover.

Flaming Wall
His skill can create a flaming wall to destroy enemies and their Gloo Walls.

Must-Avoid Mistakes

It's also vital to avoid the following common mistakes when using Free Fire Ignis to survive and win.

  • Waste bullets: Ignis's Flame Mirage ability is economic and tactical for removing the enemy's Gloo Wall. Therefore, you don't need to waste shots and unhide your position.
  • Waste time: If you prolong your engagement, you will push yourself into a dangerous situation. His Flame Mirage attack must reveal and eliminate enemies in a blink to save time for escaping or repositioning.
  • Leaving the team: When going squad, Ignis must stick to his allies to be covered and supported. If his flaming wall can only remove enemies' Gloo Wall but fails to fight them off, you may get shot back when going solo.
Free Fire New Character Ignis
Avoid common mistakes.

Best Skill Combos For Ignis

Free Fire Ignis has a supportive active talent. You need to equip three other passive talents to fix his weakness and promote his strength. Here are three character's skills for him.

  • Drop The Beat of Alok
  • Master of All of K
  • Healing song of Kapella

These are the best tips and skill combos for Free Fire Ignis in the current META of the game. Stay tuned for further tips and guides on

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