In Free Fire, winning a 1vs4 situation requires a strategic use of weapons. This skill requires the balance of range, damage, and versatility. Combining these weapons allows you to handle different combat situations effectively, maximizing your chances of winning against multiple opponents.

Here are some of the best weapon combos for 1vs4 situations in Free Fire!

Groza + MP40

  • Groza: high damage, accuracy, and versatility in mid to long-range combat.
  • MP40: rapid fire rate, making it ideal for close-quarters combat.

Groza is excellent for mid to long-range combat thanks to its significant damage, precision and versatility. Meanwhile, MP40 is lightweight, which is ideal for swift movement and quick engagement.

Groza Mp40
Groza and MP40 is a great package to win in 1vs4 situations.

AK + M1014

  • AK: powerful long-range damage and high headshot potential.
  • M1014: close-range firepower with its shotgun spread.

AK is known for its powerful shots with deadly headshot damage. In combination with M1014, they will make it seamless to fight both from a vicinity and afar.

Ak M1014
AK + M1014 helps you fight both in long-range and close-range scenarios.

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Scar + MP5

  • Scar: balanced stats and effectiveness in mid-range encounters.
  • MP5: quick fire rate and close-range efficiency.

The Assault Rifle weapon, Scar, is ideal for mid-range performance. It is actually also effective in various combat situations.

Combined with a weapon that is easy to handle yet has crazy fire rate like MP5, they will help you win any 1 vs 4 situations in Free Fire.

Scar Mp5
Tips to win with 1vs4 Free Fire weapon combo is to combine their distinct features in different playstyle.

AWM + M1887

  • AWM: long-range sniping and high damage output.
  • M1887: powerful, close-range shots with its shotgun capabilities.

AWM is the go-to weapon for long-range sniping. It offers high damage and pinpoint accuracy, perfect for picking off enemies from a distance. Its one-shot potential can eliminate enemies with a single headshot, providing a significant advantage in battles. You can even use AWM without loading, insane!

The M1887 complements AWM by its prowess in close-quarters combat. With its high damage and effective spread, the M1887 ensures quick eliminations in tight situations.

This combination of the AWM for long-range dominance and the M1887 for close-range power makes for a formidable arsenal in any combat scenario.

Awm M1887
The best 1vs4 Free Fire weapon combo: AWM and M1887.

M4A1 + Vector

  • M4A1: reliability and adaptability in various ranges.
  • Vector (dual-wield): exceptional rate of fire in close combat.

The M4A1 is known for its consistent performance with good accuracy and damage across various ranges. Its versatility makes it effective for mid to long-range engagements.

On the other hand, the Vector gun, especially when dual-wielded, stands out in close-range combat with a decent fire rate. This rapid firing capability significantly boosts damage output, making it fatal in close encounters.

Together, the M4A1 and Vector offer a balanced combination of mid to long-range versatility and close-range lethality.

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