Free Fire Ryden is a young tech genius whose knowledge and talent surpasses other 16-year-old teenagers. He will help you get Booyah easily if you master his kit. Here are the best tips and tricks to optimize Ryden's talent in Free Fire 2024.

Utilize Frag To Eliminate Enemies

Ryden has a Spider Trap that can slow down the enemy. Quickly throw a frag grenade to the captured enemy to eliminate him. Performing this action combo would be easier when cooperating with a teammate. It would help if you teamed up with Alvaro, Moco, and Nikita for these reasons.

  • Moco can find the location of the trapped enemy.
  • Alvaro can throw two frag grenades at once to deal enough damage for a kill.
  • Nikita's passive talent can prevent enemies from healing.

If you combine their skills and talents wisely, it's easy for Ryden's team to eliminate enemies with grenades. It's the best tips to use Ryden in Free Fire.

Free Fire Ryden And His Companion
Free Fire Ryden and his Cyber Companion can support your team as a fragger.

Understand His Kit

Ryden's Poison Trap allows this character to release a cyber-spider companion. This pet has two modes of attack.

  • Scouting Mode: The robotic spider runs around and scans for the enemy's clues within a 5-meter radius. When the pet detects an enemy, it will stop and anchor itself on the ground. Then, it will spin a solid web to trap the target in 30 seconds. The web slows down the trapped enemy's speed by 80%.
  • Detonation Mode: The robotic spider also explodes and sends devastating damage to enemies within the blast radius when being triggered manually or its lifespan expires after 30 seconds.

This cyber companion helps Ryden eliminate opponents without taking the risk of face-to-face situations. It can also alert you about the ambush in some situations as a scout pet.

Free Fire Ryden
Ryden's spider can scout and attack enemies with a blast.

Know His Weakness

Ryden also has weaknesses to maintain the balance with those outstanding strengths. In specific, his cyber arachnid is fragile with only 1 HP. Enemies can spot and easily eliminate it with a few bullets. Besides, its web only reduces the movement speed of the trapped opponents. But it won't lower the firing rates or prevent them from shooting you.

Best Team For Free Fire Ryden

In addition to mastering Ryden's skills, strengths, and weaknesses, you need to build a proper team for him. Here are the best teammates for this character.

  • Nikita: ensures a good reload speed and prevents enemies from healing with medkits.
  • Luna: buffs movement speed and firing rates to eliminate the trapped opponents before he can react.
  • Jota: boosts the damage.
Free Fire Rydens Spider
Combine Ryden's skill with other characters' talents for the best effect.

Free Fire players can eliminate enemies without being cleared with a proper skill combo. Stay tuned for more Free Fire tips and guidelines on Ryden and its cyber spider can help your team enter the last zone and get Booyah.

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