Garena's latest OB43 update for Free Fire brings the introduction of the new Ryden character, among other exciting features like Chaos events and map changes. While some fortunate players had a preview of these features in the Free Fire OB43 Advanced Server a few weeks ago, the final patch release is now available for all.

Now that the update is live, you might be curious about how to make the most of its fresh elements, particularly the Ryden character. This article aims to guide you on utilizing these features to enhance your gameplay.

Free Fire Ryden Character Overview

Described as a tech geek by the developers, Ryden is a 16-year-old inventive genius known for his rationality that surpasses his peers. His unique inventions can significantly aid in achieving victory in the game.

Garena Free Fire Ryden Ability Compressed
Free Fire Ryden Ability will throw a grenade that restricts the enemy's movement

Ryden's special skill is the Spider Trap, where he ejects an explosive spider that captures the first enemy it spots. The spider not only slows down the enemy but also inflicts 10 HP bleed per second for three seconds. It's important to note that the ejected spider lasts for 30 seconds, and the Spider Trap skill has a cooldown period of 75 seconds.

Guide to Best Utilize the Free Fire Ryden Character

  • Eliminate Enemies with Frags: Leverage Ryden's spider to slow down enemy movement, making it easier to eliminate them with grenades. Throw a grenade toward the captured enemy, taking advantage of their reduced mobility to minimize their chances of avoiding the blast. This strategy works well when paired with characters like Moco, Alvaro, and Nikita, combining their abilities to reveal the enemy's location, throw multiple frags, and reduce the effectiveness of the enemy's medkits.
  • For Passive Players: Passive players can effectively pair Ryden with characters like Nikita, Luna, and Jota. Adopt a low-profile approach until an enemy is within the appropriate distance, then deploy the spider to hinder their movement speed. Luna's ability provides better movement speed and firing rate, while Jota grants extra HP, and Nikita ensures a swift reload speed during ensuing gunfights.
    Ryden Ability Free Fire Compressed
    Ryden's skill can be used for escaping as well as attacking

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