The Free Fire OB40 Advance Server has been launched by Garena in anticipation of the upcoming OB40 update. This server provides players with a sneak peek at the new features and content that will be introduced in the game. One of the major highlights of the Advance Server is the introduction of two new characters and a pet. Let's take a closer look at these additions and their abilities.

Free Fire OB40 Sonia character ability

Sonia is one of the new characters introduced in the Free Fire Advance Server. She possesses a powerful passive ability called "Nano Lifeshield." When Sonia takes fatal damage, she enters an invulnerable and immobile state for 1 second. Afterward, she gains a 150 HP shield that lasts for 6 seconds.

Free Fire OB40 update is set to introduce a new Pet, Character, and more
Free Fire OB40update new Sonia character is a really powerful character

If she knocks down an enemy within that duration, she will restore the same amount of HP as the shield. However, if she fails to eliminate an enemy, she will be eliminated herself. This ability has a cooldown of 150 seconds. Players can expect Sonia to bring an interesting dynamic to the game with her survival capabilities.

Free Fire OB40 Awaken Alok character ability

Another exciting addition is the Awakened Alok character. This variant of the popular character Alok has garnered a lot of hype among the Free Fire community. In the OB40 Advance Server, players can experience the unique skill of Awakened Alok called "Party Remix."

Free Fire Advance Server Live - Awaken Alok, New Character, New System, New Updates - YouTube
Free Fire OB40 update Awaken Alok character is the upgraded version of Alok

After activating Alok's default ability, an aura is created, and music notes are dropped 2 meters behind the player every two seconds for a duration of 5 seconds. Teammates who pick up these music notes will receive the same healing and movement speed benefits as the aura. This skill promotes teamwork and coordination among squad members, making Awakened Alok a valuable asset in battles.

Free Fire OB40 new Pug pet

Additionally, the OB40 Advance Server features a new pet called Pug. While Pug doesn't have a unique skill of its own, players can equip other pet skills onto it. Pug's charming appearance in a suit adds a touch of style to the game and is sure to win the hearts of many players.

Free Fire OB40 update is set to introduce a new Pet, Character, and more
Free Fire OB40 new Pug pet

The Free Fire OB40 Advance Server provides an opportunity for players to explore and test these new characters and pet before their official release. It allows players to adapt their gameplay strategies and plan ahead for the upcoming update. Garena continues to innovate and bring fresh content to keep the Free Fire community engaged and excited about the game's evolving features.

As the OB40 update approaches, players can look forward to experiencing these new characters and pet in the full version of the game. Stay tuned for the official release of the OB40 update, where these additions will become available to all players, adding new dimensions to the gameplay experience.

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