Digital Gamer, also known as Akash, is an upcoming Free Fire MAX content creator from India. He started his journey with Garena's battle royale title around three years ago and has since amassed a subscriber count of 900k on YouTube. His content primarily focuses on upcoming game events, updates, and features. He also has 9k followers on his Instagram handle.

Digital Gamer's Free Fire ID and stats

Digital Gamer's Free Fire ID is 1884889634, and he is the leader of the Digital Army guild, whose ID is 3018005833. In BR-Ranked Season 33, he reached Platinum 3 and Heroic in the CS-Ranked Season 18.

Digital Gamers Free Fire Id
Digital Gamer's Free Fire ID

His latest Free Fire MAX stats are as follows:

BR Career Stats

In solo matches, Digital Gamer has played 1690 and won 47 games, with a win rate of 2.78%. He has secured 2613 frags, resulting in a K/D ratio of 1.59. In duo matches, he has played 413 and won 22 games, with a win rate of 5.32%. He has bagged 538 eliminations and has a K/D ratio of 1.38. Finally, in squad matches, he has contested in 1854 and has finished first 191 times, resulting in a win rate of 10.30%. During these matches, he accumulated 2942 eliminations at a K/D ratio of 1.77.

Digital Gamers Free Fire Stat
Digital Gamers Free Fire lifetime stats

BR Ranked Stats

In the current Free Fire ranked season, Digital Gamer has attained two Booyahs in 62 solo games, with a win rate of 3.22%. He has maintained a K/D ratio of 2.40 with 144 eliminations. In a ranked duo game during BR-Ranked Season 33, he made a single appearance and accrued a single frag at a K/D ratio of 1. In ten squad games, he won one game with a win rate of 10%, killing 27 opponents while averaging three frags per death.

Digital Gamers Free Fire Stat Ranked
Digital Gamers Free Fire stat ranked

Note: Digital Gamer's stats were retrieved from Free Fire MAX and these numbers are subject to change as the YouTuber plays more games in the battle royale title.

Digital Gamer's Free Fire monthly income

Digital Gamer's estimated monthly income from YouTube is predicted to be between $254 and $4.1k, according to Social Blade. The forecasts for the entire year are estimated to be between $3k to $48.7k.

The Digital Gamer YouTube channel achieved its first 1000 subscribers in November 2020. By mid-2021, he had crossed the 100k subscriber mark and reached 500k subscribers in August 2021. He has over 668 uploads on the platform, which have amassed over 56 million views.

As per Social Blade, Digital Gamer received 9k subscribers the previous month, and his views have increased by 1.015 million in the same time frame. The channel has been expanding rapidly, and with the rising popularity of Free Fire MAX, there is a great opportunity for content creators like Digital Gamer to grow their audience.

In conclusion, Digital Gamer is a rising star in the Indian Free Fire MAX content creation scene, with a loyal following on YouTube and Instagram. His success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to creating high-quality content for his viewers. As the game continues to evolve, we can expect to see more exciting gameplay and engaging content from Digital Gamer in the future.

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