Aman Pawar, also known as MrRattler in the Free Fire community, is a rising Indian gaming content creator. He consistently uploads entertaining videos and streams live gameplay on his YouTube channel, which has amassed a large following. As of January 2023, he boasts an impressive subscriber base of 380,000 and a total view count surpassing 63 million. Furthermore, he has more than 12,500 followers on Instagram and over 2,700 members on his Discord server.

MrRattler's Free Fire MAX ID and stats

MrRattler's Free Fire MAX ID is 517167331 and his ID level in the battle royale title is 74. MrRattler is a part of the NXT guild in Free Fire MAX, and the Guild ID is 3023841716. He ranks Silver III and Grandmaster in the game’s Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes, respectively.

Mrrattlers Free Fire Max Id
MrRattler's Free Fire MAX ID

He has a strong track record in the game, as evidenced by his stats:

Mrrattlers Free Fire Max Stats
MrRattler's Free Fire MAX lifetime stats in Battle Royale mode.

In 836 solo matches, he has 70 Booyahs, maintaining a win rate of 8.37%. He has accumulated 1,833 kills for a K/D ratio of 2.39.

In 983 duo games, he has remained unbeaten in 143, retaining a win percentage of 14.54%. There are 2,221 frags to his name for a K/D ratio of 2.64. Lastly, in 9,163 squad matches, he has 1,547 victories, leading to a win ratio of 16.88%. At a K/D ratio of 3.71, he has 28,284 kills.

In Clash Squad mode, MrRattler has played 15,169 games and has 9,751 wins, maintaining a win rate of 64.28%. He has registered 78,066 kills for a KDA of 1.91. These stats demonstrate his skill and experience in the game and are a testament to his dedication and passion for Free Fire.

In the current ranked season, Aman Pawar has played eight squad games and come out on top in five, holding up a win rate of 62.5%. With 60 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 20.00. However, he has not played ranked matches in solo or duo modes.

MrRattler's Free Fire monthly earnings

In terms of income, MrRattler's monthly earnings through his YouTube channel lie between $1.8K and $28.2K. In the meantime, the YouTuber’s yearly earnings via the platform range from $21.1K to $338.3K. (Source: Social Blade) This demonstrates the potential for success and growth in the gaming content creator industry.

MrRattler has been consistently creating content related to the game for the past few years. He began the year 2022 with a subscriber base of 130,000 and has nearly tripled that number in the past year. According to Social Blade, MrRattler has gained 26,000 subscribers in the previous 30 days. In addition, the content creator’s total view count has expanded by 7.047 million.

Rattle Earning
MrRattler's Free Fire monthly earnings

Apart from his main channel, Aman Pawar also operates another channel named “Rattler Plays.” It has 4.92 thousand subscribers and a view count of more than 80 thousand. This shows that MrRattler has a strong presence across multiple platforms, and is dedicated to creating and sharing high-quality content with his audience.

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