GW Manish is a rising Free Fire YouTuber in India. His channel currently has 4.09 million subscribers with more than 300 thousand new subscribers from the last 30 days. It is possible that this guy will soon become one of the top Free Fire content creators in India at this rate. His content is mostly about the Free Fire updates, news, and commentary about new changes in the game.

In this article, we will show you  GW Manish Free Fire ID, stats, earnings, and more.

GW Manish Free Fire ID and stats

GW Manish Free Fire ID is 663844446. His account is currently at Level 70 with 12768 likes. As expected from a popular Free Fire YouTuber, GW Manish reached the Heroic tier in the Battle Royale ranked mode. However, he seemed to haven't played a lot of ranked matches this season.

Gw Manish Id
GW Manish Free Fire's profile and ID.

Let's check out the lifetime stats of GW Manish in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire to see how good he is.

Gw Manish Stats
Gw Manish lifetime stats in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire.

In Solo mode, GW Manish played 1341 games and won 61 of them which translates to a win rate of 4.54%. He killed 2117 players in the process and obtained a K/D ratio of 1.65.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber completed 3930 games with 366 victories and a win rate of 9.31%. He took down 8432 players in this mode with a K/D ratio of 2.37.

In Squad mode, he won 572 games out of 4239 games, which is a win rate of 13.49%. He killed 9207 players in total and has a K/D ratio of 2.51.

GW Manish Free Fire Earnings

According to Social Blade, the GW Manish YouTube channel got more than 6 million views over the last 30 days, which means his earnings from YouTube is between $1.6K and $26K.

Gw Manish Earnings
GW Manish Free Fire monthly earnings from YouTube.

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