Desi Gamers or Amitbhai, is one of the most popular Free Fire YouTubers in India. As he has been around the community very early, his YouTube channel is currently having 13.3 million subscribers with more than 2 billion views. His Facebook and Instagram also have 1 million followers and 2.5 million followers respectively.

Check out this article to find out about Desi Gamers Free Fire ID, stats, earnings, and more.

Desi Gamers Free Fire ID and stats

Desi Gamers Free Fire ID is 206746194. He is the leader of the “Survivors ☆☆☆” guild, whose ID is 60727130. His profile is currently at level 76 with 33638 likes.

In the current Battle Royale ranked season, he is at Silver II tier but he reached Heroic 5 tier in the previous ranked season.

Desi Gamer Id
Desi Gamers Free Fire ID and profile

If you are interested in how good he is, check out the lifetime stats in Free Fire of Desi Gamers in the Battle Royale mode below.

Desi Gamer Stats
Desi Gamer Free Fire lifetime stats in Battle Royal mode.

In Solo mode, he played a total of 4054 matches and won 349 of them, translating to a win rate of 8.60%. He has a 2.60 K/D ratio and 9618 kills.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber completed 5089 matches with 850 victories, which is a win rate of 16.70%. In this mode, he took down 14007 players and earned a K/D ratio of 3.3.

In Squad mode, he has 9584 games are the winner in 2627 matches. His win rate in Squad mode is 27.41%. He killed a total of 26611 players with a K/D ratio of 3.83.

Desi Gamers Free Fire earnings

According to Socialblade, the Desi Gamers YouTube channel got 13 million views over the last 13 days. The site estimated the monthly earnings of the channel are between $3.3K and $52.5K.

Desi Gamer Earnings
Desi Gamer Youtube Earnings according to SocialBlade

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