The Elite Pass is a premium pass that offers players many exclusive skins, items, and rewards each time you level it up. Each Elite Pass last for a month and then a new Elite Pass will be released to replace it.

Normally, players will have to buy the Elite Pass with Diamonds. Otherwise, they can only use the Free Pass, which has much fewer rewards.

However, Garena just revealed that they will give all players the December Elite Pass for free to celebrate the end of the year.

How to get the Free Fire December Elite Pass for free?

Garena has accounted through their social media that all players will get the December Elite Pass for free. All they have to do is log in to Free Fire on December 23 and claim it. This announcement was made by Free Fire officials for the Middle East and North Africa sever.

In Indonesia, they also give away a free Battle Pass for all players if their post gets more than 2000 comments and they achieved it. It is expected that the Indian server will also receive the same treatment sooner or later.

Free Elite Pass Free Fire

The December Elite Pass will be the last Elite Pass in Free Fire. Garena will replace the Elite Pass with Booyah Pass starting from January 2023 with the new update.

Free Fire December Elite Pass rewards list

  • Tuk Tuk- Cyan Iceworld: 0 Badge
  • Cyan Iceworld Avatar: 5 Badges
  • Triangular Snowflake Avatar: 10 Badges
  • Silver Frost Jacket: 15 Badges
  • Bad Hat Banner: 30 Badges
  • Cyber Frost Jacket: 40 Badges
  • Witch of Glaciers Bundle: 50 Badges
  • MAG-7 – Drowning Blizzard: 80 Badges
  • Cold Flow T-Shirt: 100 Badges
  • Triangular Snowflake Banner: 115 Badges
  • PLASMA – Drowning Blizzard: 125 Badges
  • Bad Hat Avatar: 135 Badges
  • Evolution Stone:140 Badges
  • Cyan Iceworld Banner and Bad Hat Loot Box: 150 Badges
  • Icy Dash Backpack: 180 badges
  • Winter Climb Backpack and Agile Boxer Emote: 200 Badges
  • Snow Broom Skyboard and Wizard of Blizzards Bundle: 225 Badges

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