Kar98 Army is one of the Free Fire YouTubers who got famous for his intriguing story-based content. This is a rising trend in the Free Fire community and many people love seeing this kind of content. His YouTube channel currently has 2.28 million subscribers and growing fast. If you are looking to know more information about Kar98 Army then check out this article.

Kar98 Army’s Free Fire ID and stats

Kar98 Army's Free Fire ID is 141880421. He is the leader of the KAR98 ARMY with the Guild ID of 71015378. His account is at level 75 at the moment with 21617 likes.

He reached the Heroic tier in previous Battle Royale ranked seasons. In the current Battle Royale ranked season, he is at the Silver 2 tier.

Kar98 Army 71015378
Kar98 Army Free Fire profile and ID

Apart from being a great content creator, Kar98 Army is also a really good Free Fire player. Let's take a look at Kar98 Army's stats in the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire below.

Kar98 Army Stats
Kar98 Army's lifetime stats in Free Fire Battle Royale mode.

In Solo mode, he played 2469 matches and won 370 of them, translating to a win rate of 14.98%. He took down 5638 players and obtained a K/D ratio of 2.69.

In Dou mode, Kar98 Army completed 2447 matches with 571 victories, which is a win rate of 23.33%. His K/D ratio in this mode is 3.46 with 6487 kills.

In Squad mode, the YouTuber played 11028 matches with 2926 victories and a win rate of 26.53%. In this mode, he took down 32252 players and got a K/D ratio of 3.98.

Free Fire Kar98 Army’s earnings

According to Social Blade, the Kar98 Army YouTube channel got 5 million views in the last 30 days, which means the monthly earnings of the channel are estimated from $1.3K to $20.2K.

Kar98 Army Earnings
Free Fire Kar98 Army’s YouTube earnings from views.

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