The new OB38 update is coming in Free Fire and there will be some major changes in this update. As usual, there will be a new character, a new pet, and new items that will shape the new meta for the game. In this article, we will show you the top 5 most important changes in Free Fire OB38 update.

1. New character

The new character in the OB38 update has a skill called Shape Splitter, which spawns a 150 HP mannequin that travels automatically for 5 seconds. You can use the skill again to destroy the mannequin and teleport to its location.

Needless to say, this will become one of the best active skills in Free Fire once it is released. The mobility this skill offer is insane and it is perfect for players who want to close the gap with the enemy quickly and safely.

2. New pet

In the next update, a new pet called Kactus will be released. The skill of this pet is Self-sufficient, which gives the player 10 EP/second if they stand still for 6 seconds (Max 100 EP). The effect will end when the player moves or jump. Katus can help you fill your EP bar easily as long as you are in a safe location, which is super useful.

Free Fire Kactus
The new KActus pet will ensure that you are always at full EP.

3. New Gloo Wall maker

This new feature in Free Fire will help players obtain Gloo Wall easily and be ready for fights at all times. The Gloo Wall maker is a machine that creates Gloo Wall automatically. It starts at Lv 1. You earn 1 EXP every second and for every damage you deal. When the Gloo Wall maker level up, it can hold more Gloo Wall and you get a Gloo Wall immediately. You also get 2 Gloo Walls instantly when you kill a player.

Gloo Wal Maker
The Gloo Wal maker will make Gloo Walls a crucial part of all fights in Free Fire.

4. Skyler's new skill

With the new Gloo Wall maker, Skyler's old skill will be too OP  so they are going to change it in the next update. Skyler's new skill will release a Sonic Wave. When it comes to contact with the 1st Gloo Wall, it will create an area that deals damage to nearby Gloo Walls. More details about Skyler's new skill will be revealed as the update is released. Only then, we will know if Skyler is still a good character to use or not.

5. New Loot Radar item

The loot Radar item is another tool in the OB38 that players will love. It will scan the area around you to find loot and pin down their locations on the minimap. This item will help you get good loot easily so you can focus more on fighting other players instead of running around looking for items.

Loot Radar Freefire
With the new Loot Radar, you can focus more on taking down enemies instead of looking for items.

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