Gloo Wall is a must-have utilize item in Free Fire if you want to win the game. It can provide you instant protection against the enemy when you are rushing or defending. You can simply put it between you and your enemy to prevent them from shooting you.

Simple as it is, there is actually much more you can do with Gloo Wall to set up a beneficial situation in a fight. Check out these 5 advanced Gloo Wall tips so you can learn how to protect yourself better.

1. Place a Gloo Wall near a hardcover

A Gloo Wall can block the enemy's bullets, but it will be quite predictable for them to tell where you will show up. By placing your Gloo Wall next to a hardcover, you can have additional space to move around and take different angles.

It can also be used as a distraction this way as they will be focused on the Gloo Wall while you are taking another route.

2. Place Gloo Walls far away from yourself when rushing

When you are defending you want to place the Gloo Wall as close to you as possible to cover more space. But when you are rushing, you already know their position. Placing your Gloo Wall far away from you will let you block more of their vision and give you more space to advance forward.

Gloo Wall Grenade
Put your Gloo Wall a little bit farther when you are pushing.

3. Block doors to stop enemy's rush

If you are getting rushed by an enemy, a well-placed Gloo Wall will force them to stop. By placing Gloo Wall to block chokepoints such as stairs, windows, doors, you will gain a lot of time to heal or plan up your next move.

Alternatively, you can also deploy a Gloo Wall to lock a camper inside their room and toss in a grenade.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
You can use Gloo Wall to block entrances.

4. Use double Gloo Wall to block Grenades

While Gloo Wall is technically a hardcover it has durability and it can be penetrated by Grenades and the M82B sniper. That's why you see pro players often place 2 Gloo Walls close together at a time. This way, you can make sure that you are totally safe. Even if the enemy can destroy 1 Gloo Wall quickly, you will not be completely exposed and you can redeploy it again.

5. Place Gloo Walls to block multiple directions

If you are caught off guard by an enemy and you don't know exactly where they are. The best option is to cover as many directions as possible using your Gloo Walls. The ultimate way to do this is by making a 360-degree Gloo Wall formation. The 360-degree Gloo Wall formation is the safest way to protect yourself in Free Fire MAX, leaving no gap for the enemy to shoot no matter where they are.

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