Garena always celebrates India's Holi festival with an event every year, and this year is not an exception to that rule, even if Free Fire is temporarily banned. In this event, Free Fire MAX players can enjoy a large number of activities and earn valuable prizes in the coming 2 weeks.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the complete event calendar and the top 5 most valuable prizes that players can earn from the Holi events.

1. Free Fire MAX Holi event calendar

Below is the complete list of the Holi events in Free Fire MAX:

Free Fire MAX Holi event calendar 
Free Fire MAX Holi event calendar
  • Lone Wolf – Strike Out Mode (12-22 March)
  • Gather Balloons, Make a Splash (9-20 March)
  • Daily Login 1 – Legendary & Theme Gun Trial (9-13 March)
  • Daily Login 2 – Costume Trial (14-22 March)
  • Snakes & Ladder (14-20 March)
  • Dodge the Balloon (14-20 March)
  • Weekend Mission (12-13 March)
  • Aftermatch Drop (14-20 March)
  • Aftermatch Drop no limit (19 March 2022)
  • Login Reward (19 March 2022)
  • Holi Extra Rewards (19-22 March)
  • Daily Boost (14-20 March)
  • Character Trial (14-22 March)
  • Play New Strike Out mode (12-20 March)

Overall, all the biggest activities of the event start this week on Saturday, March 12. On March 14, the Holi celebration week officially begins, with a number of events starting simultaneously. The peak day is March 19 with an unlimited aftermatch drop. This allows players to grind as much as they want.

Players can earn a lot of free items in this Holi event.
Players can earn a lot of free items at this Holi event.

Out of the list of events given above, the Gather Balloons, Make a Splash, and Log-In events have already started in Free Fire MAX. Players can just log in to the game and head over to the Happy Holi 2022 section to claim their rewards.

2. Five best rewards from the Holi 2022 Event

Funky Knight Helmet (Login Reward)

Players can get the Funky Knight Helmet for free by logging into the game on the event peak day, March 19. Logging in is the only requirement to get this helmet.

Appearance-wise, Funky Knight is one of the more unique-looking helmets released in Free Fire so far.

Facepaint (Dodge the Balloon)

Players will be able to claim a Holi-themed Facepaint during the upcoming 'Dodge the Balloon' event. It looks fairly colorful and dynamic.

Dodge the balloon is likely to be a minigame that players need to clear.

Holi Swagger Jeep Skin (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)

Players can get a free Jeep skin called Holi Swagger for free via the Gather Balloons, Make a Splash event. They must get 0 red balloons, 10 orange balloons, and 20 blue balloons in total.

The skin looks fairly attractive and players should not miss the chance to get it for free.

Gather balloons event
Gather balloons event

Prismatic Warrior Bundle (Snakes & Ladder)

Players will be able to get the Prismatic Warrior Bundle for free by participating in the classic Snake & Ladder game. This is one of the best looking bundles released this year.

Switching Steps Emote (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)

In this event, players will be able to unlock a free emote called switching steps. Similar to the previous Jeep skins, they can unlock this emote by accumulating a specific number of balloons.

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