Having a good character roster gives players an advantage so that they can win the match. However, a lot of good characters can only be bought with diamonds, which limits free-to-play players greatly.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get a good skill set without spending a dime. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best characters in Free Fire MAX that you can buy with gold.

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1. Xayne

Xayne is one of the newer characters in Free Fire and she also possesses quite a unique ability. Her ability gives her temporarily 80 HP instantly and 130% bonus damage against Gloo Walls for 15 seconds. This ability can help you turn the table in near-death situations with the instant 80 HP buff, plus the damage bonus to destroy Gloo Walls quickly.

Free Fire Xayne
Xayne's ability is actually pretty great now with the nerf to Chrono's wall.

She is one of the best investments for your gold if you want an ability that can potentially change the course of the fight. The bonus damage to Gloo walls also stacks with Nairi's passive.

2. A124

A124's Thrill of Battle has been buffed greatly in an earlier patch. It quickly converts 60 EP into HP in 4s, CD 10s. Its lower cooldown means that you could activate the skill constantly, as long as you have enough EP. Overall, the skill is a strong heal and is very effective in close-quarter fights or aim duels.

You might need to get Miguel's passive to gain enough EP for A124's skill, as it costs a lot of EP for frequent usage.

New Character A124
A124 has become one of the best healers in the game.

3. Jota

Jota's ability has become much more popular ever since its change. The skill now allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight when dealing damage to enemies. Furthermore, after a kill, players would get an extra 20% maximum health as healing. This skill is way more useful than the previous version, as it can be used on any gun and has no cooldown.

Jota Free Fire
With Sustained Raids, when using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user. 

4. Clu

Locate positions of enemies within 75m who are not in prone or squat positions. Lasts for 7.5s, CD 60s. Teammates share skill effects after level 1.

Clu's ability is highly useful in team matches.

Clu's ability used to be super weak, with a much lower range and shorter duration. However, after a buff in a recent patch, she is actually useful now. Tracing steps' scanning ability is a "map hacking on-demand", which allows you to see the movement of all enemies in the area for a whopping 7.5 seconds. Having Clu's skill will allow you and your team to flank enemies easier.

5. Jai

While Jai has been removed from Free Fire, players can still acquire his skill by purchasing the Jai Microchip using gold. It unlocks the Raging Reload skill that allows players to partly refill their gun after taking down an opponent.

Use Jais Ability
Jai might come back in a later event

This lets players participate in combat continuously against multiple enemies without having to waste time reloading. This skill only works on assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, and shotguns so sniper players wouldn't be able to use it.

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