Ever since the normal Free Fire app is banned in both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, Indian mobile gamers have been shifting to Free Fire MAX, the enhanced version of the BR title. Unfortunately, it is only available on the Android Play Store.

This migration has left a lot of Indian gamers, who have never played Free Fire MAX before, confused. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the biggest differences between Free Fire and its MAX version in 2022.

Free Fire Max
Free Fire MAX is the best choice if you are going to continue following the game.

1. Free Fire MAX has higher System Requirements

While the game is aimed at high-end tier devices, the overall system requirements to run Free Fire MAX are still really low. It is possible to run Free Fire MAX at low settings if your phone has 2 GB RAM or more.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Android: 2GB RAM, Android 4.4 KitKat, Dual-Core 1.2
  • iOS: iPhone 6s, iOS 11

Recommended System Requirements

  • Android: 4GB RAM, Android 7 Nougat, Octa-Core 2.0
  • iOS: iPhone 7, iOS 11

It is possible to play Free Fire MAX using an emulator on a PC if your phone cannot handle the load.

2. Graphical Improvements

This is probably the main reason that people would play MAX over the original. While you can only get to Ultra in the Original game, Max has an even higher setting called MAX, with even better objects, special effects and character textures.

The environment is going to get the most improvements, of course, with everything getting a higher resolution update. Skin's particle effects come second - they would be more striking in MAX.

Free Fire MAX Vs Free Fire
The MAX version is more stable, smooth and responsive than the normal version.

All these graphical improvements obviously require much more storage space. Free Fire MAX is going to be 3 times larger than the normal version, at 1.5 - 2 GB. If you don't have enough storage space, better clear some now - you would need some surplus so that the game could run more stable.

3. Draw distance

Draw distance is a very important feature in a game like Free Fire - a lot of engagements occur in longer ranges. However, it consumes quite a bit of device performance. In Max, the game would render an even bigger area. This might be advantageous for MAX players when going against normal players, as they would be able to see further.

Some rumors even mention that Garena is going to add a new Scope in MAX to make use of the longer draw distance.

Free Fire MAX Vs Free Fire
Effects like explosions are improved greatly in MAX.

4. How to play Free Fire MAX on old Free Fire Account

As Garena has been using the Firelink technology to sync between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, players' accounts are shared between the two tittles.

Just download the game on the Google Play Store and click on it to open. When the log-in screen appears, use the same platform (Facebook, Guest, More) to sign in which was linked to your old or existing Garena Free Fire account.

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