While the main Free Fire App is banned in India, Android players can still enjoy the game by playing its MAX version. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best characters for rank push in Free Fire MAX 2022.

1. Alok

With Chrono's ability massively nerfed, Alok's Drop the Beat has risen to the top and become the best skill in the game, once again. It is still an all-rounder skill that any player could pick.

Drop the Beat's costless healing and speed are useful in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad. If you are having problems with picking an active ability, Alok is probably your best generic choice, as he won't clash with any builds.

Alok's ability is great in every situation.

2. Skyler

The biggest problem you might have to face in ranked is enemies' Gloo wall and grenade spamming. By picking Riptide Rhythm, you would have the ability to damage and possibly destroy their walls, while gaining an HP buff in the process.

With gloo getting an indirect buff after Chrono's rework, picking Skyler will definitely counter the squad's strategies. Multiple players with this skill can allow the team to push and eliminate enemies much easier.

Skyler has definitely become more useful in this OB32 meta.

3. Dimitri

Dimitri is one of the newest characters added to the game, with a unique ability called Healing Heartbeat, geared toward team play. By activating the skill, Dimitri gains a healing aura similar to Alok... however, the aura also allows players and their teammates to get back up by themselves (self-recover) when downed.

It is highly useful in ranked squad mode, which allows you to save your teammates while keeping firepower up. The duration and cooldown of this ability are fairly good, at 15 and 60s respectively.

Dimitri Vegas Like Mike Free Fire
Dimitri is one of the most unique characters with Active skills in Free Fire.

4. Jota

With Jota's skill, when using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user. Furthermore, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP for the user.

Jota's ability has the same benefit as Antonio's Gangster's spirit. It allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight. Furthermore, if the format was 2vs2, the 20% HP bonus upon a kill might allow you to go for the other target right away instead of having to wait and heal.

Jota Free Fire
Jota's sustained raid is one of the most powerful skills in the game.

5. Nairi

Nairi is yet another character in Free Fire that revolves around Gloo wall. His ability allows players to heal their own Gloo wall over time while dealing extra damage to enemy walls with ARs. Having this skill allow players to combat walls much more effectively while boosting their own Gloo construct.

Nairi Character In Free Fire
Nairi is one of the newest characters in Free Fire, with a fairly unique skill that affects Gloo Walls.

While the damage bonus only works on AR, the Gloo wall heal is more than enough to combo with Skyler in Free Fire.

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