The Indian government has officially placed a ban on the famous Battle Royale game Free Fire along with 53 other Chinese-backed apps. This is not the first time such a ban happened and it is likely that Free Fire will be gone for quite a long time, if ever.

Here is the list of the top 5 Android games you can try out after the ban of Garena Free Fire in India.

1. Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India is pretty much the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. It was released for Indian fans 6 months after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. Overall, the gameplay is quite similar to Free Fire as you drop from a plane to collect gears and weapons to try to become the sole survivor.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battleground Mobile India

Here are some major things you should know about Battleground Mobile India

  • There is no pet ability, character ability, weapon skins with stats bonus, and loadout items.
  • The map is much bigger and the weapons will be harder to control.
  • The game has a more realistic physics and control.
  • The game is more suitable for medium-range devices at least.

2. PUBG New State

PUBG New State is one of the newest releases of Krafton. It is almost the same as Battleground Mobile India but with some added features and improvements that might fit some players:

  • There are new features that add variety to the game such as drones, shields, weapon upgrades.
  • The graphics are improved using new technology so they look better than PUBG Mobile.
  • Smoother gameplay and playing experience overall.
Pubg New State Weapons
PUBG New State

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile was late for the Battle Royale race but it is a worth playing game nonetheless. The game has all the unique traits of the Call of Mobile games on PC such as unique weapons, ability, items, and more. There are also a ton of other game modes other than just the Battle Royale mode for players to enjoy anytime they want.

Call Of Duty Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile

4. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game with amazing graphics and gameplay. It wins the Best Mobile Game award by The Game Awards in 2021. Players control a team of 4 characters to travel through the vast world of Teyvat to experience stories, defeat bosses, and make their team stronger.

While there is a gacha system in the game, it is totally F2P friendly as you don't need to spend a dime to enjoy everything in the game.

The Wolf Of The North Challenge In Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

5. Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for a super long time and it is still having millions of players at the moment. Players can choose between Creative mode, where they can create anything they want with all the in-game resources, or the Survival mode, where they try to survive and explore the world. Apart from these 2 modes, there are millions of other game modes developed by the huge Minecraft community that can offer you pretty everything you want or need.

Cabin Minecraft

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