Free Fire has a ranked system for players who want to take a more competitive experience in the game. In ranked matches, players will be matched with players who have the same skill level so ranking up is definitely no easy task.

The Heroic rank is often the goal of all ranked players in every season. You will get a lot of rewards in these ranks as well as an exclusive banner and Avatar to show off to other people. In this article, we will show you some important tips to reach the Heroic tier in Free Fire Battle Royale mode.

1. Play with a team

If you can find a team to play with regularly, it will be much easier to coordinate with them in the game and leading to winning more. This is the reason why many pro Free Fire players and YouTubers mostly only play Squad mode. On the other hand, if you play with random players, there is a high chance that everyone will just do whatever they want and you will end up losing quickly.

Free Fire Squad
Having a team that you usually play with will make winning much easier.

2. Avoid hot drops when landing

Landing on hot drops is a high-risk high-reward option. You might be a ton of good loot if you manage to survive. However, you might also end up losing early and thus losing a lot of rank points. If you are planning to push to Heroic, you would want a safer option and land in a remote area. Still, make sure you choose an area with enough loot for the team.

Free Fire Hot Drop
A hot drop right a the start of a match can lead you to an early loss.

3. Avoid unnecessary fights

While getting kills can get you a lot of rank points, you should consider carefully before getting into a fight. It is best to pick a fight that you are having an advantage over the other team such as having the high ground, being inside the safe zone, etc.

4. Good character combination

There are a lot of great different character combinations in Free Fire that can give you a huge advantage over the enemy. Some of the characters who are universally good are K, Alok, Skyler, Moco,... Other than that, you can pick other abilities that suit your playstyle such as Rafael for sniper players or Wolfrahh for rusher players.

Even if you are a F2P player, there are still a lot of great free character options for you to choose from.

Elite Kelly
Elite Kelly is a great F2P character for all character combinations in Free Fire.

5. Improving fighting skills

No matter what tips you are using, you must always try to improve your fighting skills in Free Fire in order to rank up. The higher your rank is, the better your opponents will be. You need to practice not only your aiming skill but your movements and your ability to use utility items such as Grenade and Gloo Wall.

Players are free to train their skills in casual mode or the Training Room, where all the weapons are available.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
Players can enter the Training mode to horn their skills.

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