4vs4 team fights in Free Fire is probably the biggest challenge players have to face in order to win in ranked or tournaments. When two teams go up against each other, all members need to pull their own weight so that the team can win. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best tips and tricks to win 4vs4 fights in Free Fire.

1. Attack as a team

It is very important that you get all team members on the same page and attack the enemies as a team. If 3 people attack but the last team member is still busy looting, the squad's damage potential is reduced. Attacking as a team allows players to pool abilities together to gain advantages in combat.

Free Fire Teams
Playing as a team is a must if you want to win in Free Fire.

Failing to do this can give the advantage back to the opponents, allowing them to flank and turn the table on your team instead.

2. Focus fire on a single target

In team fights, taking down a single enemy would reduce the enemy team's firepower by 25%. Furthermore, this might even force them to temporarily stop firing to save the downed players, effectively removing 2/4 enemies out of the fight. This tactic works in pretty much all encounters and it is very hard to recover from it.

Communication is again the key here - the captain needs to call the target for the team to focus on.

3. Stack grenades

Rather than throwing a grenade or two occasionally, you should coordinate the whole team and throw grenades in unison. It is highly unlikely for a single grenade to score a kill, but multiple grenades can definitely down an enemy inside cover. Multiple grenades also cover a bigger area, preventing enemies from escaping damage.

Cook Grenades Before Throwing
Cook grenades before throwing make it explode right away, preventing enemies from escaping.

4. Always have a sniper or two

Snipers are the deadliest weapon class in Free Fire, with massive range and high damage. Scoring a perfect headshot is usually a guaranteed kill. This is why every team needs a sniper or two, preferably with the Dead Silent ability or a Silencer.

This allows the team to scout much further and pins enemies down in place without getting detected.

5. Locate the entire squad before attacking

It might be a good idea to try to locate the general location of all members in the enemy squad before attacking. This allows you and your team to keep them in the line of sight and avoid flanking attacks.

Clu Active Skill In Free Fire
The active skill Tracing Steps of Clu is a decent tool to locate enemies.

If you cannot locate the location of more than one member of the enemy team, it is best to keep an eye out for ambushes. Getting flanked by surprise is the easiest way to lose the fight.

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