Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games on Mobile, with a huge roster of weapons. Amongst them, the Marksman Rifle class is probably the most powerful - it combines the high damage of Sniper Rifles with the high fire rate of Assault Rifles. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Marksman Rifles in Free Fire 2022.

1. Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is probably the highest DPS weapon in Free Fire currently (if you can land all its shots). It has a whopping 85 damage stat and 77 armor penetration, which results in crazy DPS even in the late game. This high level of AP allows the M21 Woodpecker to ignore up to 3/4 of armors and helmet damage reduction.

Woodpecker in Free Fire
Woodpecker in Free Fire

The biggest weakness of this gun is probably its subpar range of only 63 - one of the lowest amongst all Free Fire sniper rifles. Furthermore, its accuracy is also fairly low as well, at only 69 - this means the Woodpecker is highly inaccurate and you would need good aim to be able to use it.

To improve the gun's effective range and reduce recoil, players can equip the Woodpecker with silencer/muzzle/foregrip and stock.

2. AC80

The AC80 is the newest weapon on this list, and also the easiest to use. It is a DMR with a special ability to deal extra damage on two continuous shots. While it has the lowest damage stat amongst Markman Rifles, the skill's bonus damage allow AC80 users to score easy kills with only 2 shot.

AC80 in Free Fire


It is best to use this gun as the sole sniping weapon. If you change the weapon after firing a shot, the extra damage boost is lost.

Outside of its special ability, the AC80 is also the lightest weapon in its class. With a whopping 77 movement speed, players can move around as fast as SMG users.

3. SVD

Overall, the Dragunov is a decent marksman rifle with high damage, armor penetration ability, and range. While it is not as strong as Woodpecker or AC80, the SVD spawn more often.

SVD in Free Fire

Similar to other marksman rifles, the SVD spawn with its own 4x scope. This allows players to fight immediately without having to find a scope. The gun can be equipped with all attachments in the game, but the foregrip and stock are most vital. It is very important to find them to increase the SVD's accuracy and range.

4. SKS

The SKS has the weakest statline amongst the 4 Marksman Rifles in Free Fire. Damage-wise, it has only 82 points and 46 armor penetration. However, in comparison with the usual AR, this DPS is still more than enough in the hand of a skilled Sniper.

SKS Hysteria in Free Fire
SKS in Free Fire

Similar to all other semi-automatic marksman rifles, the SKS comes pre-attached with a 4x scope. The biggest advantage that the SKS has over the other two is its higher spawn rate. You should be able to find it much easier than the SVD or Woodpecker.

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