The ever-shrinking safe zone is a feature that all battle royale games have. It forces players to come out and fight each other instead of hiding and camping. However, if players are too slow to rotate, the circle would drain their HP at a rapid pace, which can lead to death if not immediately dealt with.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a guide on how to rotate and avoid getting stuck outside of the Safe zone in Free Fire.

1. Early rotation

Players usually take the safe zone fairly lightly. Whenever a new one appears, they usually just ignore it and wait around. While there is nothing wrong with this playstyle, inexperienced players might overstay and miss their rotation timing.

Plan your rotation
Plan your rotation early to avoid clashing with enemies.

Therefore, if you are not confident with your chances, moving out right away as soon as a new safe zone appears might be a good idea. Arriving early allow you to block or ambush the zones, preventing enemies from getting in.

2. Avoid chasing opponents when the zone is shrinking

Moving away from the safe zone is always a bad idea. If an enemy rotates away from the safe zone, it is best to leave them be. In this case, even if you catch up and manage to kill them, zone damage would be inevitable.

When this happens, it is best to just move away to throw them off your trails instead.

3. Play around the edges of the safe zone

Playing around the edge of the safe zone can be a good strategy if the player is not confident about their ability to rotate. This way, they can immediately move to safety as the zone shrinks.

Furthermore, when playing at the edge of the safe zone, players might be able to score some kills on rotating opponents. Trapping players when the zone shrinks is super effective, as they have to choose between taking zone damage and going out of their safe position.

Free Fire Zone
Staying on the edge of the safe zone is often the best option.

4. Keep an eye on the timer

Players need to train themselves to check the timer regularly. A lot of players miss timing their rotations because they were distracted by enemies.

Checking the timer would ensure that players have enough time to rotate to the next safe zone. Timing is also important if you plan on ambushing your foes when they rotate.

5. Check the map and predict the next safe zone

The map is a vital feature in Free Fire that's often underused. To avoid getting stuck outside of the safe zone, players need to check their location on the island and try to plan their route ahead of time.

Ff Safe Zone
Predicting the next safe zone can be the difference between victory and defeat.

By marking out the map beforehand, players would be able to move out and rotate as fast as possible instead of having to check constantly.

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