Free Fire has given the chance for many YouTubers to grow in recent years. In return, they also help Free Fire attract more and more players and keep the community entertained with their content. One of them is Gaming Aura, a Free Fire YouTuber from India with almost 1 million subscribers.

Let's check out Gaming Aura Free Fire ID, real name, stats, income, and more.

1. Gaming Aura Free Fire bio, real name

Gaming Aura real name is Abhishek Singh Bisht. He was born on 15, March 2000 in Uttarakhand. He is a Free Fire YouTuber, caster, and Commerce student at the same time. He says that he only does YouTube on the side in his free time. The young man also hosts tournaments, streaming, and Vlogging.

Gaming Aura Free Fire
Gaming Aura Free Fire is a well-known person in the Indian Free Fire community.

The Gaming Aura YouTube channel starts on 30, July 2018. The channel is currently having 960K subscribers and 81 million total views. Most contents on the channel are videos about leaks, upcoming updates in Free Fire. In 2021, Gaming Aura is nominated as one of the best Free Fire casters.

His second YouTube channel is Aura Live, where he live streams different games and content. There are also the Aura Vlog channel and the Aura Esports channel for different content.

The most-watched video on the channel has 866 thousand views. It is titled "Secret Tricks In Free Fire 🤫 || Very Easy ✔️ || Garena Free Fire - Gaming Aura #1".

2. Gaming Aura Free Fire ID and stats

Gaming Aura Free Fire ID is 152111745. His in-game name is a stylized "AuraGaming". His profile is at level 70 with a total of 13094 likes. Gaming Aura is the leader of guild Team Aura (Guild ID 1003341060).

He is at Diamond tier in the current season of Battle Royale Ranked mode. He made it to the Heroic tier in the last ranked season and gained his Heroic Emblem. His Battle Style is Wrestler and Dominator. As for the Clash Squad ranked mode, he is currently at the Platinum III tier. He also made it to Heroic in the last Clash Squad ranked season.

Let's take a look below to see more details about the in-game stats of Aura Gaming.

Gaming Aura Free Fire Id
Gaming Aura Free Fire ID and profile

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

In Squad mode, Gaming Aura played a total of 5694 matches and won 779 of them, making up a win rate of 13.68%. With a total of 13981 kills in this mode, he earned a K/D ratio of 2.84.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber completed 4577 matches with a win rate of 8.01% and 367 victories. He took down a total of 12038 players, which translates to a K/D ratio of 2.86.

In Solo mode, he played 2983 games and emerged victorious 210 times, which is a win rate of  7.03%. His K/D ratio in this mode is 2.30 with 6366 kills.

Gaming Aura Free Fire Stats
Gaming Aura Free Fire Lifetime Battle Royale stats.

We can see that Gaming Aura doesn't play Free Fire as much as other Free Fire Youtubers such as Lokesh Gamer. That's by no means that he is a bad player at all as he still managed to reach the Heroic tier.

Also, he plays all 3 Battle Royale modes equally. His performance is quite stable across 3 game modes. He still plays Squad mode the most, but not that many more than Duo mode matches.

Lifetime Clash Squad stats

Gaming Aura is quite active in Clash Squad as he has played a total of 2214 Clash Squad matches so far. He won a total of 1384 matches and has a win rate of 62.51%, which is a really respectable win rate.

He took down a total of 13031 kills and has a K/D/A ratio of 1.98. His headshot rate is 38.65%m which is not too bad.

According to his graph, his players' types in Clash Squad are Leader, Predator, and Punisher.

Gaming Aura Free Fire Stats 1
Gaming Aura Free Fire Lifetime Clash Squad stats.

Note that these stats are recorded at the moment of writing this article and they are subjected to changes in the future.

3. Gaming Aura Free Fire earning

Gaming Aura channel got a total of 514 thousand views over the last 30 days, which earns him roughly $128 to $2,100 a month. Note that this is only the earning from his YouTube channel. As he is a popular Free Fire caster and host, he will have other sources of income other than his YouTube channel.

Gaming Aura Free Fire Earning
Gaming Aura Free Fire channel monthly views and earnings.

4. Gaming Aura social media

Gaming Aura is very active on his social media. Here are Gaming Aura social media handles:

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