Hot drops in Free Fire is always filled with heated battles and close-range fights. Players have to be on full alarmed all the time or get killed. In these kinds of situations, having a good close-range weapon can be a game-changer.

There are weapons in Free Fire that are excel in close-range combats thanks to their huge damage output to shred the enemy in seconds. Check out this list of the top 5 best weapons for close-range combats in Free Fire.

Top 5 best weapons for close-range combats in Free Fire

1. MP40

The MP40 has been the king of SMG in Free Fire for a very long time because of its insane rate of fire and damage. The only weakness of the MP40 is its rather small magazine and accuracy. However, there is still more than enough for it to take down anyone easily at a close range.

Free Fire Smg List Mp40
MP40 in Free Fire

2. MAG-7

The MAG-7 is one of the latest weapons in Free Fire and it has quickly gained the attention of many players for its versatility. The shotgun has a good effective range and certainly doesn't lack power at all. Plus it has a great rate of fire and a big magazine to take advantage of it.

Mag 7 Executioner
The MAG-7 has a good effective range for a shotgun.


The SCAR is not exactly one of the best weapons in close-range combats but it is a very new-player friendly weapon that is decent to use in any situation. The weapon has low recoil, decent damage, and rate of fire so it is very easy to use. Also, it is one of the weapons that you can keep for the whole match.

Mid Range Weapons Scar
The SCAR is easy to use and suitable for all situations.

4. Vector Akimbo

The Vector Akimbo is a weapon that is made especially for close-range combat. Its damage output in Akimbo mode can surpass even the MP40 by a mile. However, the downside is that you cannot carry another weapon with you so you have to fight close-range combats exclusively.

Akimbo Vector Free Fire
The Vector Akimbo is a weapon that is made especially for close-range combat.

5. M1887

The M1887 is the king of shotgun and close-range combat because of its power to take down a player in just 2 shots. However, you need to be rather skillful to use the M1887 effectively since it only has 2 bullets per magazine.

 Best M1887 Skin In Free Fire
The M1887 is the strongest shotgun in Free Fire.

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