Free Fire has a huge collection of characters and players can equip up to 4 of their abilities per match to assist them in battles. Characters with an active ability are often stronger, but players can only choose one active ability.

Dimitri and Wukong are 2 quite popular characters with an active ability in Free Fire. In this article, we are going to compare Dimitri and Wukong to see which character is the better option.

Dimitri Vs Wukong Free Fire
Dimitri Vs Wukong Free Fire

Dimitri vs Wukong in Free Fire


Dimitri's ability is Healing Heartbeat, which creates a 3.5-meter circle that heals players inside 3.5 HP per second and allows knocked-down players to revive themselves. The skill lasts for up to 15 seconds at Level 6 with a 60 seconds cooldown.

Dimitri Free Fire
Dimitri create a circle that heals and allows players to self-revive


Wukong's Camouflage is quite a unique skill that turns the player into a bush for 15 seconds, players also have a 20% movement speed reduction in the bush form. The skill has a high cooldown of 200 seconds. However, its cooldown will be reset when the player gets a kill.

Wukong's ability has a really high cooldown and your movement speed is reduced.

Dimitri vs Wukong: Who is the better character in Free Fre?

Dimitri is the winner as his ability provides HP regen and the self-revive ability for the whole team. Wukong's ability is also good, but a recent patch nerfed the skill with the 20% movement speed reduction. This nerf makes it really hard for Wukong's players to escape as well as get close to the enemy.

Also, Dimitri's ability has a really low cooldown of only 60 seconds. Meanwhile, if you cannot get a kill with Wukong, the cooldown of the ability will be really long.

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